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Responsible governance of Watersheds por Betsan MARTIN, 27 de abril de 2010

This is a collection of papers from scientists, engineers, indigenous guardians and programme leaders from Vanuatu, Samoa and Aotearoa. Contributions are made from creative writers, lawyers, and esteemed Maori and Samoan leaders articulating indigenous knowledge to the complexity of managing watersheds. The responsibilities brought to the management of river catchments are varied and range (...)

Science Technology and Society conference por Betsan MARTIN, 30 de janeiro de 2010

Science Technology and Society conference Brisbane, Australia, Dec 2009 A Science Technology and Society conference brought an opportunity to activate new contacts for the Across Oceania network by preparing a presentation for the conference and visiting an ‘ecotechnology’ scientist, Callum Coats with whom we have been associated for many years. Callum is experimenting with using energy (...)

Watersheds and Responsible Governance por Betsan MARTIN, 30 de janeiro de 2010

Watersheds and Responsible Governance: Aotearoa-New Zealand November 2009 A hillside gathering above Te Hakare Wetland The powhiri, or welcome by Maori elders from the tribes of the land and rivers of the area where our symposium was held, began the process of weaving together hosts and guests, those from the area and those from afar, and of drawing together the threads of different (...)

Local Management of Marine Areas (LMMA) Network Meeting, Fiji por Betsan MARTIN, 18 de dezembro de 2008

Details of the Shared Activity The LMMA meeting was held over 6 days in Suva, and in village member sites. Participants linked with the Across Oceania network included Hugh Govan (a member of the LMMA Network Co-ordinating team) Kelly May (NIWA), Wayne Ormond (Ministry of Fisheries), Aranui Puna, Guardian (Kaitiaki) of a customary marine reserve (Mataitai). Betsan Martin, Convener of (...)

Conservation Roundtable Conference, ALOTOAU, PNG por Betsan MARTIN, 14 de janeiro de 2008

The Conservation Conference was a Pacific Conservation Roundtable meeting to work on the framework for the Pacific Conservation Action Strategy. KEY MESSAGE Conservation in the Pacific is integrated with sustainable livelihoods. Land being retained in customary tenure is a key to the link between Livelihoods and Environmental Responsibility. Pacific Conservation Action Strategy The (...)

Leadership in a Climate of Change por Betsan MARTIN, 26 de outubro de 2007

Commentary As a Representative of the NZ Charter committee, I was invited to a gathering of 48 invited participants to ‘create together new thinking and acting for Responsibility in a Climate of Change.’ It was exciting to meet for 4 days with people who represented business interests, journalists, writers, farmers, various environmental sectors, young activists and older leaders, trade (...)

Water Forum: from the stories of our rivers to the quality of water por Betsan MARTIN, 11 de janeiro de 2007

Resume Charter activities in New Zealand are focusing on water. At a series of forums and meetings those with a focus on environmental responsibility emphasise water as a public good. Information given by activists and NGO’s track the ‘commodification’ of water, through various pressures for privatization and management through resource allocation and lease rights. The NZ Sustainable Water (...)

A Public Forum on Rights and Responsibilities for Sustainability por Betsan MARTIN, 8 de janeiro de 2007

Resume At a public Forum co-hosted last 12th December by the Regional Committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities and the Human Rights commission, the speakers highlighted sustainability as a framework for economic and social re-organization, and an Ocean scientist gave a presentation of growing knowledge of ocean habitats to support decisions about sustainable fisheries. The (...)

Climate Change and Governance Conference, 28-29 March 2006, New Zealand por Betsan MARTIN, 4 de abril de 2006

The conference on Climate Change focused on scientific evidence and integration of the projections for climate change with social and economic policy and governance. The scientific presentations were brilliant, inscribing in our minds the graphic picture of fluctuations in Earth’s temperature over millions and hundreds of years, and the surge in the last 100. The conference brought forward (...)

The Treaty of Waitangi and the Foreshore and Seabed por Betsan MARTIN, 7 de janeiro de 2005

Over the past year the ‘ownership’ of the Foreshore and Seabed has taken the dimensions of a tidal wave crashing on the shores of Aotearoa-New Zealand, and put relations between Maori and government under more pressure than they have been for a century. Under the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi indigenous titles to land were to be upheld. By 2003 the Foreshore is the last remaining area still in (...)

Collaborative Environmental Activities por Betsan MARTIN, 7 de janeiro de 2005

As a result of a national seminar we held on Water, as part of an Alliance initiative in 2003, different activities have taken place associated with the ecology of water and land management. In the Lake Taupo region, an indigenous committee and a government agency have developed protocols for an effective collaboration on land management which support cultural safeguards associated with the (...)

Samoa, Culture and Environment por Betsan MARTIN, 7 de janeiro de 2005

In 2003, through the Alliance21 project, an environmental initiative was held in Samoa as part of the opening of the Nofoalii Centre for Cultural Research. Leaders of this Centre are on the committee for the Charter for Responsibility, with the Samoan members maintaining project work in the Pacific and in New Zealand. A symposium was held in New Zealand in November 2004, supported by the (...)

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