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A Surfers’ Charter of Responsibilities

Temas fortes ligados: Meio ambiente e responsabilidade .
Temas largos ligados: Esporte . Community responsibility . Youth .


The idea is to draw up a Charter of Responsibilities of Surfers for Sustainable Societies based on the actions, proposals, and reflections of the several networked surfers’ communities spread along the Brazilian coast. The network, the Alliance of Surfers, proposes to organize partnerships to follow up and articulate the surfer community’s thinking and actions (through the media, the industry, civil society, professionals, etc.) in view of building sustainable societies.

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The proposal puts the “human responsibilities” concept at the core of the debates on the surfers’ role in contemporary society as it faces the challenge of responding and adapting to global environmental changes. It also underscores the idea that the local level is the most appropriate for developing strategies and taking concrete action to weigh on policy making in order to avoid social and environmental conflicts. According to the leader of Ecosurfi, João Malavolta, civil society can no longer consider acting independently from policy makers and without a commitment to protect people, the community, and life. Neither can it continue to think that “everyone doing their bit” is enough.

“Individual attitudes are important for the resolution of the environmental crisis we are experiencing, and personal choices are fundamental,” explained Malavolta. “We cannot neglect the collective perspective, however, which is what marks and induces people’s behavior.” In this context, he concluded, “surfing promotes and expresses a healthy lifestyle and gives a positive image, but the real nature of surfing is being spoiled by an exaggerated incentive to consume.”

Proposals from Ubatuba

The Ubatuba seminar brought together the different surfing sectors for discussion. Participants included surf-board manufacturers, representatives of the municipality and of the CETESB, local NGOs, and amateur and professional surfers, among whom the champions of the Super Surf and the current professional champion from São Paulo, Saulo Júnior, the former champions of WQS, Tadeu Pereira and Narciso Oliveira, both also professional surfing champions from São Paulo, and also the surfers’ ambassador from Ubatuba, Zecão.

See surfsustentavel.blogspot.com for further details (in Portuguese - Brazil).


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