A Cross-cultural and Multilingual Process

4 October 2008
Responsibility A common key-notion in a world of diversity by Edith SIZOO

10 April 2005
Translating the Charter of Human Responsibilities from French to Wolof (Senegal), or the difficulty of translating the concept of responsibility into Wolof by Sidiki Abdoul DAFF

The Charter of Human Responsibilities: from written to oral expression - 10 April 2005, by Sidiki Abdoul DAFF

In order to popularise the Charter in Senegal, we opted for a comprehensive approach using diversified formats (text, audio tape). It was translated into the national language, Wolof (first national language in Senegal) with Latin lettering. In Senegal this language can also be written with Arabic lettering. Yet this is still not enough for the Charter to be shared as 70% of Senegalese people are illiterate in French and Wolof. This rate of illiteracy is extremely high in rural areas. It (...)

The "Cultural Multi-Identity": a New Dimension of the Human Rights - 20 December 2003

Speech by Qin Hui in the closing session of the Lille Assembly, December 10th 2001 Author : Hui Qin (The whole document only exists in the French version of this article.)

A cross-cultural and multilingual contribution to the elaboration of a Charter of the Alliance - 10 November 2000, by Edith SIZOO

The elaboration of this text presents the originality to wish to take in consideration the cultural diversity not to be limited to a solely western dimension of the text. This report describes the process used during the workshop of Syros: the aim of this workshop was to find a consensus on six common principles, their content, and the means of their implementation, which became relevant in all cultural contexts, for the text of the Charter of the Alliance. This process started out the (...)

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