Publicado em 3 de fevereiro de 2006
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Marcos Antonio dos SANTOS REIGOTA

Brazil, Latin America

Influenced by artists, writers, researchers and intellectuals that in the 70’s gave birth to the debate about ecological questions I began my master graduation in Philosophy of Education at PUC, Sao Paolo, Brazil, where I was, among others, a Paulo Freire’s student. Those studies took me to the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium where I concluded my doctorate in 1990. In Europe I went through trainee courses, seminars and courses with Jean Ladrière, Prigogine, Pierre Bourdieu, Serge Moscovici, I. Illich, Gianni Vattimo, and others.

In 1993 I did my pos-doctorate in the University of Geneva. As a researcher I received scholarships from the Committee of Cooperation to the Development of the University of Louvain (2004), Spanish Agency of Cooperation (2001), The Japan Foundation (1999), DAAD (Germany, 1997).

As a professor, researcher and activist I’ve been working to set up a philosophy of environmental education, in which concepts and notions as ethics, justice, responsibility and dialogues of knowledges have been essential.

The results of my researches are published in books and articles in and out of Brazil. I’ve had intense public participation giving lectures, participating in debates and table conferences and giving interviews to the media.

In 1998 I received The Environmental Personality Prize, granted by Order of the Lawyers of Brazil, in São Carlos, SP, competing with renowned researchers. In the same year I became a member of the University of Sorocaba as a titular professor in the Master Program in Education.

In the University of Sorocaba I’ve done activities of research and extention involving students of graduation and pos-graduation and, activities of technical-scientific assistance in Amazonia (especially in the States of Amapa, Amazon, Para) and Rio Grande do Sul.

In my researches I intend to approach polemical and complex aspects of the ecological problematic and to amplify the contributions and foundations of the environmental education.

As a member of the Brazilian Committee of the Charter of Human Responsabilities for a Responsible, Plural and United World, we began dicussing the notion of responsibility with 70 students and 40 phd tutors in the Scientific Trainnee Program of University of Sorocaba. Monthly seminars are presented with the presence of the teachers, tutors and students, and in the researches in progress are introduced the main principles of the Charter. It is the moment when the ethical, social, political and environmental implications and the responsibility of the researcher are discussed. To stimulate the dialogue on the subject, specialists are invited, among them the president of the University of Sorocaba, the philosopher Aldo Vanucchi and the professor of the Medical School of São Paulo Catholic University (PUCSP), Professor Luiz Ferraz Sampaio Neto. These activities are related to the discussion about the notion of responsibility in the formation of future reserchers in vital areas for the Brazilian and global societies and it is directly related with our philosophy of environmental education.

You can reach me at: marcos.reigota Su2 uniso.br


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