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Research on the notion of responsibility – a questionnaire por Amina RACHID, 23 de setembro de 2005

This bilingual questionnaire (English-Arabic) was drawn up with an Egyptian audience, but it can easily be transposed and used in other political and sociocultural contexts.

Contact , 7 de janeiro de 2005

Amina RACHID Ex-Coordinator of the Committee for Egypt My name is Amina Rachid and I am a professor in comparative and French literature at Cairo University. I completed a Bachelors degree in French literature at Cairo University in 1958 and a doctorate in literature at the Sorbonne in 1976. I worked as a researcher at the CNRS (French National Centre of Scientific Research) in Paris from (...)

Objectives and activities por Amina RACHID, 4 de janeiro de 2005

A sociological study - A documentary film.

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