7 May 2010 - Regional Activities - Asia
Symposium on "CHR to Promote the Culture of Responsibilities in Nepal"

22 February 2010 - Regional Activities - Europe
Human Responsibility in the Framework of Sustainable Development

An international alliance of journalists , 18 June 2008

The international alliance of journalists is a constructive space encouraging exchange and discussion, throughout the world, with the ambition to create a common intelligence and a collective power to have an influence on the journalistic practices, whose impact is now obvious. Open to the professionals on information and to their public, the alliance works on the responsibility of the (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
2007 - The Media, Eminent Personalities, and the CHR by Sudha REDDY, 13 March 2008

1. Regional Media Workshop on Nonviolent Transformation: While participating in Regional Media Workshop on Nonviolent Transformation, I shared views on Responsible media and CHR was distributed among about 40 journalists from South Asian countries. The Group Editor of “Dainik Bhaskar”, India’s fastest growing Newspaper and group of publications in Hindi and Gujarati, with more than a million (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Reporters’ Alliance in Brazil for a dually responsible and solidary media by Isis de PALMA, Marta MOLINA, Vera Salles, 12 April 2007

The International Alliance of Reporters (J-Aliança) in Brazil is a network that was formed in the context of the citizen alliances, which is supported by the FPH (Fundação Charles Leopold Mayer pelo Progresso da Humanidade—Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind). It is headquartered in Paris, France. The goal is to work and focus on the theme of reporters’ (...)

Global Activities -
2nd World Forum on Human Rights by Gustavo MARIN, Lydia NICOLLET, 24 July 2006

Share knowledge, creating networks, promoting good practices, linking the notion of human rights with the one of responsibilities

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Brazil, Meeting on Communication and Responsibilities by Isis de PALMA, 11 May 2005

(text in Portuguese only)

Regional Activities - West Africa -
The Charter and the media (Togo, Ivory Coast) by Markoua DADJO, 4 January 2005

We try to reach the media to disseminate and put into debate the Charter as broadly as we can.

Regional Activities - Latin America -
2004 in Brazil: launching local and national programs by Isis de PALMA, 4 January 2005

In order to work on the priorities, we started to work in the direction of the three objectives mentioned in the article “Objectives”. Our priority was in 4 areas: Education, Social sectors and governance, Cultural and Communication, focusing in the segments: environmental movement, teachers and youth network, human rights and peace-driven movements, citizenship-driven entities, workers in (...)


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