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The Environment: a cause to defend. The Art: a tool of action, a way to express oneself

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The Charter and the notion of responsibility in the Georgian context

Georgia and countries of Caucasus

The group of diffusion of the Charter of Human Responsibilities in Georgia and in the countries of Caucasus was created in May 2006, after two or three years of preparation. Several members of our group got to know the existence of this Charter thanks to our friend Ina Ranson.

In October 2004, Edith Sizoo came to Tbilissi to give a series of conferences-debates on the Charter, together with Ina Ranson. These meetings interested a lot the people. We asked ourselves many questions. For example:

- Everything is changing here today. To define my responsibilities - to what tradition do I have to refer?
- What is new in this Charter in relation to the existing ethical traditions?
- What do we mean in the Western countries by "civil society"?

Several persons then expressed the desire to participate in a group of reflection and action on the Charter.

14 October 2010
International seminar on Human Responsibility by Marina Avaliani

4 October 2010
What Responsibility Do Georgians and Armenians Have in Common? by Teimuraz Oboladze

Series of Workshops on Responsibility - 8 March 2010, by Tsisso CHIPASHVILI

The Environmental Responsibility of the Young January 19, 2009 - A workshop was organized in Marneuli, a region inhabited by a majority of Azerbaijanis (45 participants: pupils, parents, and teachers). A documentary on the environment triggered a discussion on everyone’s individual responsibility to Nature and all living beings. Then the Charter text, adapted into Azerbaijani, was distributed and presented by Tasia Zakariadze (with the help of an interpreter). The participants expressed (...)

Human Responsibility in the Framework of Sustainable Development - 22 February 2010, by Tsisso CHIPASHVILI

Human Responsibility in the Framework of Sustainable Development. Putting Our Heads together to React and to Act Ecological Problems and Human Responsibility; Agenda 21 for Schools and Institutions. Seminar at the Saguramo Orphanage and School, Georgia, October 4, 2009, SaqarTvelo Under the responsibility of: Marina Avaliani Seminar organized by: Group for the dissemination of the Charter in Georgia Group of Ecological Initiatives from the Inorganic and Electrochemistry Chemistry (...)

Photo show (March 2009) - 22 February 2010, by Tsisso CHIPASHVILI

The photo show presented at the Caucasus House in March 2009 was preceded by a scientific symposium with lectures by persons representing: the Georgian group for the dissemination of the Charter, the group of environmentalists from the Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry Institute, the Caucasus House, the NGO Momavali, academics, state representatives, and representatives of several ministries. Tsisso Chipachvili, Georgian Initiatives Group coordinator, presented the (...)

Publication of a diary and a book - 21 February 2010, by Tsisso CHIPASHVILI

We have published a trilingual multi-annual diary (in Georgian, French, and Russian) made up of: the Charter text (in Georgian and in Russian) photos on the theme of the environment, proverbs, sayings, etc. (Georgian, Kurdish, Armenian, Russian, Azerbaijani, Ossetian, and Abkhazian) on responsibility, the environment, education, etc. The diaries have been distributed to different organizations and during workshops. *** We have also published a book: The New Dimensions of (...)

In 2008/09, many presentations of the Charter in schools - 30 October 2009

In 2008/09, our group organized many presentations of the Charter. Foremost in schools, about 25 institutions in all, located in 5 different regions of Georgia, one of which (Akhaltsikhe) is inhabited by a majority of Armenians and another (Marneuli) by a majority of Azeris. During our discussions on the Charter, both the pupils’ and the teachers’ interest was always quickly focused on the practical implications and on possible actions. To support them in their search, we then regularly (...)

The New Dimension of Responsibility - 21 August 2008, by Anastasia ZAKARIADZE

On the 13th of June 2008 was held an international conference “Responsibility, Traditional Values, Sustainable Development” at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University .The Conference was organized by the University in collaboration with the Institute of Philosophy. It was financed by the Foundation Charles Leopold Mayer for Human Progress. _ The organizing committee of the conference were Marina Avaliani, Tinatin Bochorishvili Tsissana Chipashvili, Maka Stamatelli, Levan Silagadze, (...)

The regional team - 4 September 2006

A formal group was created in May 2006. It is composed of 7 members: Tsisso Tchipachvili: Coordinator of the regional Committee. French teacher. Maka Stameteli: professor of physics and operations manager in a small company on environmental research Julia Kharashvili: professor of physics, currently responsible of a UNV project (United Nation Volonteers) and chairwoman of the IDP women NGO (Internal Displaced Persons, for the regions in conflict with Georgia: Abkhazia and South (...)

The Project - 4 September 2006, by Tsisso CHIPASHVILI

A shared project - A questionnaire on the Charter and the notion of responsibility

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