puce The International Charter Facilitation Committee
This multicultural group is composed of 21 members who represent 14 regions in the world. They are supporting the process of dissemination and putting into debate of the Charter of Human Responsibilities, through their own professional activities and their role of coordinator of a Regional Committee. Each of these regional committees guaranties the development, in its own geo-cultural context, of activities on the Charter process. Below you will find the list of the members of the International Committee and their presentation:

puce Biennial Meeting of the International Charter Committee Members

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30 June 2009

27 November 2008
Outcome Meeting - International Charter Committee by Edith SIZOO

How is the Charter process funded? - 23 April 2006

The international coordination team is supported in its activities by The Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind (FPH), that helps financially for the diffusion and for putting into debate the Charter of Human Responsibilities, since the end of 2003. Moreover, the regional teams are most often helped at the local or national level, with financial or in kind support (premises, persons, material…) from organisms working on topics and objectives similar to those treated (...)

Laying the Groundwork - 7 January 2005, by Edith SIZOO

They came as individuals, they left as a group An unprecedented initiative Conceiving and testing strategies Experiments Communication Taking root [Theycamehttp://www.fph.ch/]. [Anunprecedented -]An unprecedented initiative In spite of the financial limitations, the activities reports show two striking features: 1. A deep commitment of the members of the Committee to the idea of putting at the center of attention the notion of Responsibility as a universal value and a guideline for (...)

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