History and characteristics

7 May 2007
Earlier version of the Charter: A poster with the 10 principles

16 June 2006
Setting up the Charter : Postprocessing of the Questionnaire on the text

Earlier version : an information brochure - 9 June 2005, by Cécile SABOURIN

(The latest version of the Charter - from end 2007 - is available in the ’Charter text’ section) Tool created by the Canadian Charter Committee. " Meeting makes the connection; the written word conveys the message". In the information brochure you will find a short history of the human adventure leading to the creation of the Alliance, and an overview of it’s goals and principles. There are many ways in which you can become involved in the initiative of the "Charter of Human Responsibilities".

Capitalisation of the different Charts and the intercultural problematic 1992-2002 - 20 December 2003

This document deals with the evolution of work led for writing the Platform for a Responsible and United World, and then the Charter of Human Responsibilities. Author : David Beytelmann (The whole document only exists in the French version of this article.)

Presentation of a proposal of Charter of Human Responsibilities - 16 June 2006

The idea Why another Charter? A "third pillar" The drafting process The voyage does not end in Lille The Charter: a common kernel to the diversity of ideas brought together by the Alliance Key features of the Charter Is "responsibility" a universal concept? - Responsibility for life itself (You will find below the whole text) ;

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