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The Philippine initiative for the promotion of the Charter of Human Responsibilities started in January of 2004. The thrust of the first two years was to lay the groundwork for the Charter dissemination through production of information materials and avenues in partnership with NGOs and people’s organizations. The following years allowed to reinforce and expand the partnership activities and the Charter process through the Youth Festival 2006 which will have a follow-through in 2008, and through spearheading plenary and workshop sessions for the Asian Forum on Solidarity Economy which will be held in October 2007.
The Charter Facilitation Team is composed of Pinky Castelo-Cupino as coordinator, Prof. Aleli Bawagan, Merlyn Tabada-Martinez, Flora Asiddao-Santos, Maria Corazon Gratuito, Marilou Cerilla and Dr. Ruben Martinez.

8 April 2010
Commitment of the Philippine Youth for the Protection of the Planet Earth by Pinky CASTELO CUPINO

1 August 2009
The Philippine process to the CONFINT

Members of the Indian Charter team in the Philippines - 24 April 2007, by Pinky CASTELO CUPINO

From April 28 to May 4, 2007, three members of the Charter Facilitation Team in India have visited the Philippines. The three, Sudha Reddy, Anugraha John, and Deepa Alige Guru were joined by managers of The Activity , and the winners of the Wizkids event. The Activity is a corporate-sponsored project that launched an academic contest involving thousands of schools across India. It partnered with the Indian Charter Facilitation Team in the project. It adopted the Charter of Human (...)

What’s New in the Philippine Charter Lands? - 23 April 2007, by Pinky CASTELO CUPINO

The Asian Forum on Solidarity Economy with the Charter among the key discussions, next May.

The Charter Facilitation Team in the Philippines - 4 January 2007

The Charter Facilitation Team was set up in the Philippines in June 2006. The members include Flora A. Santos, Prof. Aleli B. Bawagan, Ma. Corazon (Cowa) G. Gratuito, Merlyn Tabada-Martinez, Marilou (Marcy) B. Cerilla and Fleur de Lys (Pinky) Castelo-Cupino as the Coordinator. This team brings together people from the three organizations who were involved in the Charter process for the past three years – the Organization for Training, Research and Development Foundation (OTRADEV), which (...)

The relevance of the Charter in the Philippino context - 17 March 2006, by Pinky CASTELO CUPINO

Exercising responsible behavior is not new to some members of society. But actively campaigning for sections of the population to consciously assume responsible behavior through a Charter of Human Responsibilities is a very enriching experience, even to practitioners of responsible behavior. The exercise provides a venue for them to reflect on their own practices, be aware that the campaign is world-wide and frame their behavior, activities, projects and programs in the context of the (...)

Challenges to face - 13 April 2005

One challenge refers to starting off the direct process of disseminating the Charter in the Philippines. Filipino NGOs are in general wary of anything that is foreign. We are always scrutinizing who is behind an initiative, why, what are their vested interests? This is specially because of our country’s dependent relationship with the US, which used to be a colonizer of the Philippines. We are wary that we are again being fed something that will entrench foreign post-colonization. So (...)

Methodology - 7 January 2005

There were two methodologies used to disseminate the Charter: 1. Direct approach. This was through outright discussion of the Charter. This was done with the grassroots leaders of Sanlakas wherein the Charter was presented to the leaders and feedback was taken after. The Charter also was the take-off in their formulation of a Code of Ethics for Grassroots Community Leaders. 2. Indirect approach. This was by conducting an activity that does not focus on the Charter itself. But the (...)

Partners and networks - 7 January 2005

The Charter Project worked with the following partners: 1. Center for Positive Futures (CPF). This is a pre-school and a high school for economically disadvantaged children. Its advocacy is value formation for young people to be responsible citizens. It is also engaged in technical vocational education to prepare high school graduates for employment and/or entrepreneurship. It was formed in 2001. 2. Organization for Training, Research and Development (OTRADEV). Founded in 1979, it is (...)

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