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The Charter of Human Responsibilities:
- A new initiative.
- A pretext to heighten our awareness, to think, to act.
- A pre-text put up for discussion.

European Facilitation Committee for the Charter of Human Responsibilities

Western Europe
8 March 2010
Calling for collaboration: creating educational material by Yolanda ZIAKA

Georgia and countries of Caucasus
14 October 2010
International seminar on Human Responsibility by Marina Avaliani

The CONFINT process continues in Europe, towards Rio, and beyond! - 19 August 2011, by Lydia NICOLLET

What is it about? The 2011-2012 Let’s Take Care of the Planet project aims to encourage dialogue between young Europeans on sustainable development issues, in order to reinforce their capacity for action and commitment towards sustainable societies. It also proposes exchanges between young people and political decision-makers on the issues of commitment and sharing responsibilities. Age of the youth: 13 – 16 Target audience: schools or extracurricular organizations Involved (...)

The Charter is: - 14 December 2007, by Yolanda ZIAKA

The Charter of Human Responsibilities is an international process for discussion and awareness raising on the concept of human responsibility. The project expresses the concept of responsibility, in all of its complexity, through multiple actions on the field. It is a network of individuals and organizations (environmental organizations, groups of journalists, non-violence activists, educators, etc.), from 16 countries and every continent. Through the network, the Charter is disseminated (...)

International-cooperation Workshop on the Theme: “Water: Common Good – Common Responsibility” - 12 December 2007, by Yolanda ZIAKA

This is the report on the workshop for five Nature Management and Conservation students specializing in nature facilitation. Our course includes several workshops on different themes. For the workshop on international cooperation, we set up the organization Ellada Nature and we went to a Cyclades island, Syros (Greece), to meet up with Yolanda Ziaka, coordinator of the Polis Environmental Education Network. During the workshop we focused on the issue of water management in connection with (...)

Clean up the Med 2007: The European Team Has Joined the Movement - 11 June 2007, by Yolanda ZIAKA

The Clean up the Med initiative is the largest existing volunteer Mediterranean clean-up operation and has been conducted by the Italian organization Legambiente since 1995. The European Charter team is now involved in it, along with more than 500 authorities, parks, schools, and organizations from 22 countries. On May 25, 26 and 27, 2007, waste was removed from more than 1,200 beaches and coast sections, and many public-awareness-raising actions were organized. On May 27, the European (...)

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