11 February 2010
Report 2009 by Betsan MARTIN

14 January 2008
Report on Asian Solidarity Economy Meeting by Betsan MARTIN

News Update from New Zealand and the Liquid Continent - 26 July 2007, by Betsan MARTIN

The pictures give a local scene, prior to a meeting in Auckland with Maria and Te Kawehau for our Charter plans. Here re a couple of recent photos at the Lake, and one of Maria and Qiujing, a film maker, with whom we are discussing making a film of the Pacific ‘Across Oceania’ project. In New Zealand, we are continuing to liaise with groups in New Zealand, Australia and Pacific countries, with particular follow up from meetings in Samoa, specifically for Across Oceania. In preparation for (...)

Women’s workshop – Kotare, August 06 - 5 December 2006, by Betsan MARTIN

In New Zealand there is a centre called Kotare that works for social transformation. It holds workshops on many topics such as green economics, globalization, relations with indigenous people and sewage management. Providing an opportunity for structural and social analysis with young activists is an emphasis of the centre. An intergenerational gathering of women was held in August. We discussed the Charter for Human Responsibility. The symbolism of birth was explored in terms of ’giving (...)

Plans for 2006/7 - 4 April 2006, by Betsan MARTIN

a. Continuing Partner/collaborative projects in Good/Ethical Governance. Writing and publication for dissemination of notion of Responsibility: Academic papers Edited collection Newspaper / journal articles Extending collaboration with Human Rights networks Interview project Development of network in Australia Further initiatives with Maori and Pacific groups Strategies for co-funding projects b. New Host Pacific Regional Symposium on Ethical Governance. Develop framework (...)

Reflection on the Charter and governance, Oceania, 2005 - 4 April 2006, by Betsan MARTIN

Diffusion, coordination, elaboration of communication tools (film), reflection on the text of the Charter, work on a good governance.

Writing - 7 January 2005, by Betsan MARTIN

Reference to the Charter for Human Responsibility has been a feature in our writing, and a significant aspect of the Charter work. I (Betsan Martin) wrote a chapter for a book on a philosopher of responsibility par excellence, Emmanel Levinas, and Dr Maria Humphries and I have written several papers on the theme of Responsibility and Ethical Relationality in the last year for conference presentations and journal publications. There are two conferences in Australia before the end of the (...)

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