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Western Europe

8 March 2010
Calling for collaboration: creating educational material by Yolanda ZIAKA

8 March 2010
The Law and Cross-cultural Dynamics in Europe by Christoph EBERHARD

International Conference of Children and Adolescents in Brazil – progress in Greece - 11 January 2010, by Yolanda ZIAKA

The International Conference of Children and Adolescents, to be held in Brazil from 1 to 10 June 2010, is a major event to mobilize youth for the environment worldwide. The coordinating team for the preparation of the Greek participation in the Conference has established a blog (in Greek) to coordinate the participation of schools. There is the announcement of the Conference, feature articles on the concept of responsibility, information on participating schools and links to the websites of (...)

Assembly of the Citizens of the Mediterranean - 20 March 2009, by Yolanda ZIAKA

The South European Team of the Charter supports the initiative for the organization of an "Assembly of the Citizens of the Mediterranean", whose objectives are based – among others – on the value of responsibility, as a core value. Here follows a short presentation of the initiative: The process of putting together the Assembly of the Citizens of the Mediterranean is a regional dynamic which is going to contribute to the building of a common and sustainable space of peace, development, (...)

Public presentation of the children book “the treasures of the earth” - 20 March 2009, by Yolanda ZIAKA

The book « the treasures of the earth » is a fairy tale on our common responsibility for environment, written by Yolanda Ziaka. The children of a Greek school and those participating in a Municipal Artistic Center have worked on the tale and created paintings to illustrate it. The tale has been edited in Greece – in Greek and in French – by the South European Team of the Charter. Between March 6th and 8th, 2009, an exhibition of the 32 children paintings has been organized in the headquarters (...)

Art travelling exhibition on environment continues travelling - 6 March 2008, by Yolanda ZIAKA

Art exhibition on the theme: "Environment: common good - common responsibility" from Monday, 10 March till Friday, 14 March 2008 Place: Charles-Léopold Mayer Foundation 38, rue Saint Sabin, 75011 Paris (Métro : Bréguet-Sabin [ligne 5] ou Chemin Vert [ligne 8]) opening hours: 9h00 à 13h00 & 14h00 à 18h00 The European coordination Committee for the Charter of Human Responsibilities is organizing a series of group and travelling art exhibitions on the theme "Environment: common good - common (...)

Team Members - 17 May 2005, by Yolanda ZIAKA

The European facilitation team of the Charter of Human Responsibilities is composed of persons working in four European countries. Its members are the following: Betty Nguyen, Sociologist (France) Francesco Tabacco, Architect (Italy) Franz Isemann, Retired teacher/executive of the Goethe Institut (Germany) Jean-Paul Braux, Biologist - Teacher (France) Konstantinos Xenos, Architect - Urbanist (Greece) Marius Umbraziunas, Employee Ministry of Economy (Lithuania) Nacera Aknak (...)

Contacts - 7 January 2005

Yolanda Ziaka, Greece. Coordinator of the Charter of Human Responsibilities Committee for Europe _ E-mail: charte.europe g88 otenet.gr c/o Polis – International Network in Environmental Education P.O. Box 4 84100 Ermoupolis Greece fax : 30-22810-87840

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