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30 June 2009
Hamid Dabashi on Iran Protests: “This is Not Another Revolution. This is a Civil Rights Movement”

30 June 2009
We shall overcome - A song for the People of Iran

Statement of "NGO for Protecting Women’s and Children’s Rights" Against Execution - 21 October 2008

Children execution that is organized by the sentence of the court of justice, under the pretext of justice, is the biggest crime by itself. Children execution and retaliation in this country, is like ignoring the disappointing realities and terrible conditions in our society and humanity will never forgive us because of our silence We, as the members of NGO for protecting children’s rights, (...)

News from Iran - 28 August 2008

Below you will find some news from Iran, sent by our partners from the Charter Iranian team. Iranian women’s rights activists are initiating a wide campaign demanding an end to discriminatory laws against women in the Iranian law: http://www.4equality.info/english/ Iran: Spare Four Youths from Execution and Immediately Enforce International Prohibition on the Death Penalty for Juvenile (...)

ACI nominates the “Women’s Movement in Iran” for the United Nations 2008 Human Rights Prize - 23 July 2008

ACI is proud to nominate the “Women’s Movement in Iran” for the 2008 UN Human Rights Prize coinciding with the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. The UN Human Rights Prize was first awarded on the twentieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December 1968. One of the first recipients of the Prize that year was the attorney and first (...)

Iranian women crucial in Majlis election - 13 February 2008

More than 7,000 candidates have registered for the Iranian parliamentary election scheduled to be held on 14 March. Almost 600 of them are women. Article published in BBC News.

What’s New in the Iranian Charterland? - 29 October 2007

Presentation of the activities in 2007 - A new Web site with photos and drawings for peace A new blogue to exchange and innovate (in Farsi) A collaboration with a new Web site under construction in solidarity with the Iranian women, and with other regional committees of the Charter An Iranian documentary for environment Perspectives of collaboration on the theme artists and (...)

A blogue to share, innovate, with a background of humanity and responsibility - 28 October 2007

We are an Iranian team of artists active in different fields including painting, writing, photography, film making and theater. We are interested in all activities which could help renew and rebuild this world. Our first step: To have a better communication and to deploy the sense of “human responsibility charter”; conveying information, seeing and showing, exchanging thoughts and ideas (...)

Children of Iran - 11 October 2007

We are witnessing the build-up to yet another horrendous war. The drumbeat is growing louder, in the words of our "leaders," and in the language of our press. Daily, the American public is being presented with more "reasons" to justify an attack on Iran. The process is sickeningly familiar. It comes as no surprise that Iran’s unpopular "leader" has failed to ease the developing tensions. (...)

Protest against Bakhtegan Lake pollution - 11 October 2007

About one hundred people including enthusiasts, environment patrons, web-log writers and the representatives of bio-environmental organizations were gathered in Pardisan Park, in front of the Environment Conservation Institution, on Monday the 4th of Sharivar “26 August “. Carrying some signs, which announced their protests against the current environmental situation which caused by mortal (...)

Beauty humiliated? Or humiliation beautified? - 12 July 2007

Being a woman in Iran today
News since last National Elections

Hamid Dabashi on Iran Protests: “This is Not Another Revolution. This is a Civil Rights Movement”, 30 June 2009

source : Democracy Now - The War and Peace Report (June 24, 2009)

We shall overcome - A song for the People of Iran, 30 June 2009

by Joan Baez (source : Dailymotion)

Preliminary Statement on the Upheaval in Iran, 30 June 2009

Source : US Marxist-Humanists (Thu, 06/18/2009 - 22:08 — Anonymous)

Neda: A call to every Iranian, 30 June 2009

Source: Medius Oriens - Middle Eastern History, Politics and Culture


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