Culture of responsibility

9 May 2010 - Regional Activities - Asia
A Brief Review of various Initiatives on Charter of Human Responsibilities in Nepal - 2010

7 May 2010 - Regional Activities - Asia
Symposium on "CHR to Promote the Culture of Responsibilities in Nepal"

Asian Forum on Solidarity Economy by Edith SIZOO, 8 March 2010

Conference in Tokyo, November 7 to 10, 2009. Summary of the paper presented at the final plenary session by Edith Sizoo, international coordinator of the initiative to promote the Charter of Human Responsibilities. Political, economic, religious, etc. institutions have so far responded insufficiently to the many world crises. Debates on societal issues (for instance on genetic research) (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
Photo show (March 2009) by Tsisso CHIPASHVILI, 22 February 2010

The photo show presented at the Caucasus House in March 2009 was preceded by a scientific symposium with lectures by persons representing: the Georgian group for the dissemination of the Charter, the group of environmentalists from the Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry Institute, the Caucasus House, the NGO Momavali, academics, state representatives, and representatives of several (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
The Youth Charter of Responsibilities on the Environment - Chile , 7 January 2010

The Charter of Responsibilities of the Children of Chile to the Environment and Climate Change has been finalized, drafted from the logs of the National Conference of Children of Chile "Let’s Take Care of Chile" carried out in Santiago de Chile this past December 16 (International Confint Brasilia 2010). For a detailed report on all the CONFINT Chile process toward the international CONFINT (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
Assembly of the Citizens of the Mediterranean by Yolanda ZIAKA, 20 March 2009

The South European Team of the Charter supports the initiative for the organization of an "Assembly of the Citizens of the Mediterranean", whose objectives are based – among others – on the value of responsibility, as a core value. Here follows a short presentation of the initiative: The process of putting together the Assembly of the Citizens of the Mediterranean is a regional dynamic which (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Building the Network of Human Responsibilities in Chile (2005-07) by Carlos LIBERONA, 30 May 2008

General Framework When we made our proposal, we emphasized the uptrend in the direction of change in South America and the strengthening of unity and cooperation trends. We spoke of a continent in a ferment and of the force of social initiatives. These trends have grown stronger and we believe that today at least three or four trends need to be taken into consideration: 1st: The USA’s (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Horlicks wizkids Workshop–Report -2007 , 12 February 2008

The Indian Charter facilitation team, in association with Activity, an edutainment company, has successfully facilitated the drafting of Indian Children’s Charter of Social and Environmental Responsibilities for the second year. Horlicks Wizkids – 2007, a personality competition that recognizes the outstanding students, who are all-rounders and have a good balance of character & (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Indian Children Charter of Human Responsibilities , 12 February 2008

“Responsibilities start with ME and continue (flourish) in WE” “Inform, Include and Implement” We are students from 27 cities across India, selected from Horlicks WizKids contest 2007. We have come together on a common platform with a common aim of helping our country face the challenges of the 21st century and hope to live in a happy & sustainable society. This Charter on Human (...)

Regional Activities - North America -

The United States Social Forum brought more than 10,000 social justice activists to Atlanta, Georgia June 27-July 1, 2007 for workshops, strategy sessions, networking, a film festival, and other cultural events. Intended to be “more than a conference, more than a networking bonanza, more than a reaction to war and repression,” the first US Social Forum was organized with a commitment to “send (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Youth Covenant , 12 December 2006

We are the Filipino young people who attended the Youth Festival held December 1-3, 2006 in Rizal, Philippines. We came up with this Youth Covenant after analyzing our situation, particularly in relation to our education, environment, peace and rights, and identity. From this discussions, we formulated our vision of Philippine society and came up with recommendations on what the young (...)


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