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8 March 2010 - Regional Activities - Latin America
World Governance of Ressentiment

8 January 2010
Book: Essay on Oeconomy

Regional Activities - Asia -
Tibetan Film Festival 2009, Bangalore (4th &5th July 2009) , 2 July 2009

’And I openly pledged my heart to the grave and suffering land, and often in the consecrated night, I promised to love her faithfully until death, unafraid, with her heavy burden of fatality, and never to despise a single one of her enigmas. Thus did I join myself to her with a mortal cord.’ Houlderlin, The Death of Empedocles The image is Tibet but the story is universal. The story is of (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
The International Congress of Bogota: Focus on the Charter of Human Responsibilities by Manfred Rosenberger, 1 July 2009

The International Congress, organized in Bogota from April 20 to 24, 2009, gathered for the first time more than 800 participants, including 50 international famous experts, to discuss with Colombians from the political sector, from universities, the medias and the civil society as well as with officers. The debates were built on the cosigned principles of the "Charter of Human (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
Assembly of the Citizens of the Mediterranean by Yolanda ZIAKA, 20 March 2009

The South European Team of the Charter supports the initiative for the organization of an "Assembly of the Citizens of the Mediterranean", whose objectives are based – among others – on the value of responsibility, as a core value. Here follows a short presentation of the initiative: The process of putting together the Assembly of the Citizens of the Mediterranean is a regional dynamic which (...)

Regional Activities - North Africa and the Middle East -
Monthly Bulletins , 19 December 2008

We propose you here the monthly bulletins presenting texts that were published by Lebanese students and intellectuals who support the causes of democracy, secularism, progress, freedom and social justice, and who refuse civil war, despotism and occupation. This independent initiative tries to be opened to all important discussions in the Lebanese society. The bulletins are only (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Statement of "NGO for Protecting Women’s and Children’s Rights" Against Execution , 21 October 2008

Children execution that is organized by the sentence of the court of justice, under the pretext of justice, is the biggest crime by itself. Children execution and retaliation in this country, is like ignoring the disappointing realities and terrible conditions in our society and humanity will never forgive us because of our silence We, as the members of NGO for protecting children’s rights, (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
Address of Tbilisi State University to the European and US Universities , 22 August 2008

Dear Colleagues, Georgian state is facing a major threat today. [...] Professor Dr. Giorgi KHUBUA Rector Tbilisi State University Georgia http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7547888.stm] http://www.financialsense.com/storm... http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/ne... http://www.jamestown.org/publicatio... http://jamestown.org/edm/article.ph... http://www.rferl.org/content/South_... (...)

Forum for a new World Governance , 10 June 2008

Each passing day increases the feeling dramatically that a system of world governance is vitally needed, which respects all human beings, all that is living, and the planet as a whole. To act, we have to think, we have to make viable, applicable proposals, now. More than ever, we need to facilitate the convergence of all the thinking and the emergence of the proposals drawn from all cultures. (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
News Item on Australian Government Apology to Aboriginal People by Betsan MARTIN, 13 May 2008

Summary Apology to Australian Aboriginal People part of a flow of Government Apologies in the Pacific Region, including to Samoan people, and to Mãori Tribes. Apologies are a recent response to support the reconciliation process. They are intended to heal past wrongs on the part of governments who have exercised state powers to destroy the cohesion of indigenous peoples, or suppress (...)

Regional Activities - West Africa -
Leave or die by Sidiki Abdoul DAFF, 27 March 2008

A video (in French) on immigration, its motivation, risks,... There are certain slogans you are likely to have heard the young people of Senegal using over the last three years: “barsa mba barsaq” (Barcelona or death), “mbëkkmi” (break down the borders), “dem walla de” (leave or die). They try to reach Europe via the Atlantic Ocean in their thousands, risking their lives in the most basic of small (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
2007: NGOs, Movements, and the CHR by Sudha REDDY, 13 March 2008

IV. NGOs, Movements and CHR: 1. CHR in Environmental Action in addressing Climate Change and global warming: Greenpeace, India and CHR in the one million signatures to support campaign on ‘Ban the Bulb’. Greenpeace India has found the relevance of CHR in its objectives and actions. The Charter principles pamphlets are being distributed along with Green Peace campaign documents in educational (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
2007: Indian Legal Professionals and the CHR by Sudha REDDY, 13 March 2008

It is both a challenging and eye-opening experience to penetrate into a legal profession and Judiciary space with the CHR. The ethical practices of advocates and judiciaries have been in question in the present Indian context, where the poor and marginalized sections remain victims of injustice and corruption. As a result of networking with the initiative of Mr. Ramjan Darga, one of the (...)

Regional Activities - North Africa and the Middle East -
A Message of Peace , 12 March 2008

These three videos were broadcast on all the Lebanese TV channels in 2007. It is a message of peace, against the civil war, broadcast on the occasion of the Beirut book fair and the publication in Arabic of the book by Samir Kassir on the Lebanese war. The message in the videos is one of refusal of pure chance: we can avoid suffering a new civil war if we understand the reasons of the (...)

Rethinking Global Governance by Arnaud BLIN, Gustavo MARIN, 30 October 2007

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, there are some who believe that the future of architecture of global politics will require setting up a global-governance system. The global-governance issue is characterized by the shift from a scenario where the power of the states is regulated to avoid disequilibrium and maintain the status quo, to one where international law and the role of (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples by Betsan MARTIN, 26 October 2007

Commentary NZ Opposes Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples In New Zealand there has been quite a lot of attention amongst Human Rights and Indigenous networks, to the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which was passed by the UN General Assembly on 13th September. There has been an outcry because of NZ opposition to the Declaration, despite years of advocacy and (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
On the Road to a Citizens Assembly - Chile, May 2007 by Gustavo MARIN, 15 October 2007

Video made by partners from the NGO ’Traversées’, during the preparatory Citizens Assembly of the South Cone, last April, in Antofagasta, Chile.

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Across Oceania - Te Au o Te Moana - Responsibility for Healthy Water Ecosystems: Governance and Practice by Betsan MARTIN, 26 July 2007

Themes Reference to an Ethics of Responsibility Responsibility is an ethical and collective response to the environmental crisis, bringing awareness of our individual and collective impact on people and place. Responsibility supports action, research and knowledge that combine social and environmental outcomes for sustainability in programmes, policy and governance: in other words, linking (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
News Update from New Zealand and the Liquid Continent by Betsan MARTIN, 26 July 2007

The pictures give a local scene, prior to a meeting in Auckland with Maria and Te Kawehau for our Charter plans. Here re a couple of recent photos at the Lake, and one of Maria and Qiujing, a film maker, with whom we are discussing making a film of the Pacific ‘Across Oceania’ project. In New Zealand, we are continuing to liaise with groups in New Zealand, Australia and Pacific countries, (...)

Regional Activities - North America -
Making Accountability Accountable , 25 June 2007

article by George Lakoff, Glenn W. Smith °° Introduction, by Nina Gregg What does responsibility mean? In this article, George Lakoff, a well-known professor of linguistics at University of California, Berkeley, and author of several influential books (Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think and Don’t Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values, Frame the Debate) examines several (...)

Regional Activities - North America -

The US Social Forum took place in Atlanta, Georgia from June 27 through July 1, 2007. This was the first Social Forum to be held in the US. The WSF International Coordinating Council approached Grassroots Global Justice (GGJ) in June 2003 to develop a planning process for a US Social Forum. After several years of investigating how a USSF could be organized, GGJ launched the USSF Planning (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
A Public Forum on Rights and Responsibilities for Sustainability by Betsan MARTIN, 8 January 2007

Resume At a public Forum co-hosted last 12th December by the Regional Committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities and the Human Rights commission, the speakers highlighted sustainability as a framework for economic and social re-organization, and an Ocean scientist gave a presentation of growing knowledge of ocean habitats to support decisions about sustainable fisheries. The (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Series of Public Forums in partnership with the Human Rights Commission by Betsan MARTIN, 8 January 2007

The Charter of Human responsibilities committee in New Zealand is hosting a series of public seminars in partnership with the Human Rights Commission. The Human Rights Commission supports public forums and has an extensive network for citizen participation and discussion in matters of public interest. The forums we have co-hosted were in Wellington, they are to encourage public information (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Forgiveness and Natality by Betsan MARTIN, 5 January 2007

; A Reflection on Responsibility, following the meeting of the International Facilitation Committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities, in South Africa, October 2006. The Charter of Human Responsibilities’ meeting in South Africa brought reminders of historical links between South Africa and New Zealand. These had colonial beginnings, included an anti-apartheid movement and a recent (...)

“Poverty as a violation of human rights”: a liberating force. What is at stake? What are the prospects? by Christoph EBERHARD, 29 August 2006

Taking human rights seriously implies, at a basic level, guaranteeing every human being the means to live a life worthy of a human being. In the face of today’s phenomena of mass pauperization, it seems essential to recognize the urgent need to combat poverty, all the more so when we realize that "mass poverty" is not just a feature of many countries: it is a feature of our whole world, the (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
The Union of South American Nations, the Charter of Human Responsibility and Governance in South America by Isis de PALMA, 12 August 2006

The proposal was presented at the FSM 2005 (World Social Forum) and subsequently registered within the “Mural of Proposals”. ON December 8, 2004, in Cuzco, Peru, the Union of South American Nations officially created a form of governance that was inspired by the European Union, which in turn is counting on the support of most of the countries of the continent. Although it was depreciated by (...)

Global Activities -
2nd World Forum on Human Rights by Gustavo MARIN, Lydia NICOLLET, 24 July 2006

Share knowledge, creating networks, promoting good practices, linking the notion of human rights with the one of responsibilities

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Experience and Dialogs on the Charter of Human Responsibilities: Ethics, Responsibilities and Justice by Carlos LIBERONA, 19 June 2006

In the insistent efforts to develop a proposal to humanize the planet and the country, the Charter of Human Responsibilities meeting allowed us to truly envision a NEW PILLAR FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF A WORLD IN SOLIDARITY. The Charter, along with the Declaration of Human Rights and the Earth Charter, confirmed our need to work on building a Culture of Human Responsibilities. We need to (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
A Citizens’ Pact to Strengthen Public Management and Active Citizenship in Puerto Tejada, Cauca , 7 June 2006

A municipal-administration and citizens’ commitment. The result of a working process with a group of citizens coordinated by the social organization Foro por Colombia, Valle Chapter, and supported by the CINEP, the Citizens’ Pact to Strengthen Public Management and Active Citizenship is a symbol for the community of Puerto Tejada. For three months (January-March 2006), a group of thirty (...)

Law, Governance and Sustainable Development. Preliminary reflections by Christoph EBERHARD, 13 April 2006

This text was written within the research dynamics on « law, governance and sustainable development», that was initiated in January 2004 and is coordinated from the Facultés Universitaires of Saint Louis in Brussels, Belgium. It aims at questioning on the issue of Law, governance and sustainable development, in a context of globalization through intercultural enlightenment. Perspectives from (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Good Governance, Responsibility and the Waka by Betsan MARTIN, 4 April 2006

Dr Humphries worked closely with the Board of a significant government agency whose task it is to work with other government agencies, community and private sector organisations to enhance the working lives of New Zealanders. Among the priorities set for this organisation is the urgent need to work with Maori and Pacific Peoples to see how the resources of this organisation can be better (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Re-enchanting the World by Gustavo MARIN, 23 June 2005

Latin American Meeting on Culture, Ethics and Responsibility Santiago, January 17 2005 Paper by Gustavo Marin•, at a Latin American Meeting On Culture, Ethics and Responsibility Santiago, January 17 2005 Fifty years ago, in 1955, Nelson Mandela and those who were in the liberation movement with him held the Congress of the People in Kliptown, a poor neighbourhood located in Cape City. (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
The Charter of Human responsibilities in Colombia: a strategy for empowering civil society by Claire LAUNAY, Diego ESCOBAR, 2 June 2005

Lille, December 2001: the text of a Charter for Human responsibilities is presented to 400 citizens from 120 countries and 25 social and professional backgrounds during the closing ceremony of the World Assembly organised by the Alliance for a Plural, Responsible and United World. Ethics, individual and collective responsibility, dignity, sustainable peace and common good are at the root of (...)

Regional Activities - West Africa -
African Charter of partnership between inhabitants and local collectivities , 13 February 2005

The African Charter articulates a series of principals necessary to allow a thorough partnership between inhabitants and local authorities. These principals result from the comparison of various real experiences in Africa. This experiences’ confrontation led to the idea that the conditions for a thorough partnership are everywhere identical. The charter has been elaborated during the (...)

A Cross-cultural and Multilingual Process -
The "Cultural Multi-Identity": a New Dimension of the Human Rights , 20 December 2003

Speech by Qin Hui in the closing session of the Lille Assembly, December 10th 2001 Author : Hui Qin (The whole document only exists in the French version of this article.)


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