Cultures and responsibility

31 August 2010 - Regional Activities - Asia
Reflection on the Asian Citizens Assembly: Our Commonalities and Shared Responsibilities

24 November 2008
Cultures and responsibility

Regional Activities - Europe -
The New Dimension of Responsibility by Anastasia ZAKARIADZE, 21 August 2008

On the 13th of June 2008 was held an international conference “Responsibility, Traditional Values, Sustainable Development” at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University .The Conference was organized by the University in collaboration with the Institute of Philosophy. It was financed by the Foundation Charles Leopold Mayer for Human Progress. _ The organizing committee of the conference were (...)

Intercultural Research Group -
Creative space - Facilitating a process of meeting interculturally by Edith SIZOO, 12 September 2006

Introduction - A possible approach (Basic ideas: The self as part of a whole, Unwrapping the cocoon, Specific within the universal, Exploring the way to joint action) - Facilitating a process : Creating creative space - Phases in the process (selection of a topic, selection of participants, first ’tour d’horizon’, second round, third round, the meeting - And finally: the (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Cultures and Responsibility Workshop by Pinky CASTELO CUPINO, 16 May 2006

Dr. Sylvia Guerrero of the University of the Philippines facilitated a workshop attended by ten participants on the topic Cultures and Responsibility last March 31, 2006. The workshop focused on the concepts of indigenous responsibility. The result of the workshop will be part of the data that will be incorporated in a chapter of a book on Ethical Foundations and Social Practices (a (...)

Intercultural Research Group -
Intercultural Research Group Project: Objectives and Methodology , 8 May 2006

Specific objectives Within the wider context described above, the specific objectives of the research project are to bring to the fore : 1. Specific understandings of the idea of Responsibility in the 10 languages / cultures of the participants in the project 2. Consequences of these understandings for social practices in those cultural contexts 3. Common elements unfolded in these (...)

Intercultural Research Group -
Cultures and Responsibility - Ethical Foundations and Social Practices by Edith SIZOO, 8 May 2006

Intercultural Research Group

Intercultural Research Group -
The challenge of intercultural dialogue by Edith SIZOO, 31 March 2006

In a period of increasing international communication - which by its very nature is intercultural - there is a tendency to use concepts which are supposed to be understood in the same way by communities rooted in a great variety of different histories and cultural contexts all over the world. This leads to numerous intercultural misunderstandings and (...)

Intercultural Research Group -
Cultural diversity of perceptions and practices by Edith SIZOO, 31 March 2006

It seems that a sense of responsibility (grounded in parenthood) is found among all groups of human beings. However, the way in which responsibility is assumed and accounted for is deeply embedded in each cultural context.

The concepts of Culture and Responsibility by Edith SIZOO, 31 March 2006

In this article we will focus in particular on the relationship between Cultures and Responsibility in connection with the new challenges humankind has to face. This requires to be clear about the two concepts.


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