The military and responsibility

1 July 2009 - Regional Activities - Latin America
The International Congress of Bogota: Focus on the Charter of Human Responsibilities

22 August 2008 - Regional Activities - Europe
Address of Tbilisi State University to the European and US Universities

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Presentation of the Charter to Colombian officers, May 2008 by Gustavo MARIN, 19 June 2008

The Charter of Human Responsibilities was presented to the 300 officers of the Colombian Military Academy during the mission carried out in Colombia in May 2008 in the context of the work to build a global alliance of military personnel, by Gustavo Marin (Programme Director at the FPH and Director of the Forum for a New World Governance), with the French General (retired) Patrice Mompeyssin, (...)

Regional Activities - North America -
A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq , 13 May 2008

The unpopularity across the US of the war in Iraq is well documented. Yet the efforts of individuals and groups in the US and elsewhere to end the war are having no apparent impact on US policy: as Christopher Hayes wrote in the April 14, 2008 issue of The Nation: It is in this context that a group of Democratic Congressional candidates, retired military officers and national security (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Meeting of military in Santiago de Chile, October 2005: the begining of an alliance process by Gustavo MARIN, 21 November 2005

The dialogue between military and the civil society is indispensable to build peace. The meeting of military organized by Corporacion AYUN and the Center of Strategic Studies of ARCIS university, Chile, the Ecole de la Paix de Grenoble (school of Peace of Grenoble), France, and the Foundation Charles Léopold Mayer for the Progress of Human being was an outstanding event in Chile and (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
International Meeting: Military, Peace and Democracy by Lucía SEPULVEDA RUIZ, 21 November 2005

Redefining the role, the education and the ethics of the military forces in a democratic perspective in the context of a world marked by the end of the frontiers and of the nation-state is part of the tasks assumed by representatives of the army from three continents, who coordinated the Meeting of Professionals of the Army for Peace and Democracy, carried out from October 6 to 10, 2005, in (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
FORWARD! The army and the construction of peace by Hugues de COURTIVRON, Richard PETRIS, 21 November 2005

The end of the military order is now placed in the long-term in the path to democracy of our societies, of all our societies. It is not about a beatific vision of a dreamed evolution, but of a reality based on a slow construction that we must constantly encourage: to create the conditions of a security that doesn’t only depend on an imposed force but rather on the permanent search of a balance (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Building Institutions for Peaceful Change by Cora Weiss, 5 April 2005


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