Religion and spirituality

24 November 2008 - Regional Activities - Asia
New Horizons of Human Development: Art, Spirituality and Social Transformations

23 November 2006 - Regional Activities - Asia
Spirituality as a Bridge Between the Secular and the Religious

Regional Activities - Asia -
Workshops on Religion, Dialog, and Commitment - Bangalore, July 2006 by Sudha REDDY, 18 September 2006

Several workshops were organised at Fireflies (Bangalore, India) on the theme Inter-religious dialogue and conflict resolution and Socially Engaged Hinduism, end July 2006. The Charter was disseminated to all the participants of the workshop. There were more than 40 participants including scholars, religious leaders and activists from all over India, Sri Lanka, USA and other countries. At (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
ONE DEGREE ASIA Youth Conference - 24-29 July 2006, Singapore , 12 September 2006

Over 270 delegates from 14 different countries gathered to meet and hear 68 speakers from over 60 organizations such as Oxfam, The World Bank, Ashoka Foundation and many more. One Degree Asia was a gathering of social change makers all across Asia in Singapore for the first-ever Asian Youth Leadership Festival. I had the privilege to represent the Charter of Human Responsibilities as a South (...)

Global Activities -
2nd World Forum on Human Rights by Gustavo MARIN, Lydia NICOLLET, 24 July 2006

Share knowledge, creating networks, promoting good practices, linking the notion of human rights with the one of responsibilities

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Evangelical protestants, Ethics and Human Responsibility by Carlos RIVERA, 30 June 2006

Chilean evangelical pastors and laymen give their view on the paper and participation of their church in the present society and the responsibility that is incumbent on them as Christians. (the whole text is in Spanish only)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Reflection on the Charter and governance, Oceania, 2005 by Betsan MARTIN, 4 April 2006

Diffusion, coordination, elaboration of communication tools (film), reflection on the text of the Charter, work on a good governance.

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Spirituality and Human Responsibility, Chile. , 24 October 2005

Publication - presentation of a book published in Chile in Spanish.


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