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19 August 2011 - Regional Activities - Europe
The CONFINT process continues in Europe, towards Rio, and beyond!

14 October 2010 - Regional Activities - Europe
International seminar on Human Responsibility

Regional Activities - Europe -
Human Responsibility in the Framework of Sustainable Development by Tsisso CHIPASHVILI, 22 February 2010

Human Responsibility in the Framework of Sustainable Development. Putting Our Heads together to React and to Act Ecological Problems and Human Responsibility; Agenda 21 for Schools and Institutions. Seminar at the Saguramo Orphanage and School, Georgia, October 4, 2009, SaqarTvelo Under the responsibility of: Marina Avaliani Seminar organized by: Group for the dissemination of the (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
Photo show (March 2009) by Tsisso CHIPASHVILI, 22 February 2010

The photo show presented at the Caucasus House in March 2009 was preceded by a scientific symposium with lectures by persons representing: the Georgian group for the dissemination of the Charter, the group of environmentalists from the Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry Institute, the Caucasus House, the NGO Momavali, academics, state representatives, and representatives of several (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
Publication of a diary and a book by Tsisso CHIPASHVILI, 21 February 2010

We have published a trilingual multi-annual diary (in Georgian, French, and Russian) made up of: the Charter text (in Georgian and in Russian) photos on the theme of the environment, proverbs, sayings, etc. (Georgian, Kurdish, Armenian, Russian, Azerbaijani, Ossetian, and Abkhazian) on responsibility, the environment, education, etc. The diaries have been distributed to different (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Sustainable development and climate change education , 10 February 2010

Teaching guide This teaching guide was created in the framework of the Children and Youth International Conference « Let’s Take Care of the Planet » project, launched by the Ministries of Education and Environment of Brazil and is supported by the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for Human Progress. In France and in Europe, it is coordinated by the Monde Pluriel organization, in partnership with (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Science Technology and Society conference by Betsan MARTIN, 30 January 2010

Science Technology and Society conference Brisbane, Australia, Dec 2009 A Science Technology and Society conference brought an opportunity to activate new contacts for the Across Oceania network by preparing a presentation for the conference and visiting an ‘ecotechnology’ scientist, Callum Coats with whom we have been associated for many years. Callum is experimenting with using energy (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
The Youth Charter of Responsibilities on the Environment - Chile , 7 January 2010

The Charter of Responsibilities of the Children of Chile to the Environment and Climate Change has been finalized, drafted from the logs of the National Conference of Children of Chile "Let’s Take Care of Chile" carried out in Santiago de Chile this past December 16 (International Confint Brasilia 2010). For a detailed report on all the CONFINT Chile process toward the international CONFINT (...)

Regional Activities - North America -
US Film Festivals Raise Awareness, Mobilize Action on Our Responsibility for Water by Nina GREGG, 3 June 2009

The Global Citizens’ Climate Change & Water Film Festival visited ten college and university campuses in the US between March 22 and April 27, 2009. Student groups and community organizations sponsored the festival at each location. Nina Gregg, US Charter Coordinator and Anugraha John from Global Citizens for Sustainable Development in Bangalore, India led discussions and workshops and (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
The Other CO2 Problem , 28 April 2009

Animated film about the issue of ocean acidification, produced by Ridgeway School (Plymouth, UK) and Plymouth Marine Laboratory. Funded by the European Project on OCean Acidification (EPOCA).

Regional Activities - Latin America -
What we know What we do not know And how we try to better understand global change , 28 April 2009

(44 pages booklet) - An introduction to research questions, challenges and methods for CarboSchools projects (http://www.carboschools.org).

Ecuadorian constitution gives rights to nature by Nina GREGG, 17 February 2009

Ecuadorian citizens have overwhelmingly approved a new constitution that gives nature the right to “exist, persist, maintain, and regenerate.” Theirs is the first nation to give legally enforceable rights to the natural world (Spain recently granted rights to apes, while the United States, for its part, confers legal rights on corporations). The new Ecuadorian constitution requires the state (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Detailed Presentation of the process , 4 December 2008

20-pages presentation: Introduction - Historical Context - What is the Children and Youth International Conference for the Environment? - Objectives of the International Conference – Principles - Organizational Structure – Steps - Calendar of Events - Expected Results

Regional Activities - Asia -
Global Citizens’ Climate Change and Water Film Festival , 2 June 2008

Organizers Global Citizens for Sustainable Development (Bangalore, India), Beijing Eco-Group, (Beijing, China), China-India Forum and Asian Citizens Alliance Supporting Organizations Polis – International Network in Environmental Education (Greece), Charter of Human Responsibilities (US), Response Trust (New Zealand) and Pacific Asia Research Center (Japan) Water Concerns Water is (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Workshop on "Intergenerational Partnerships for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation" , 14 May 2008

The International Conference on Environmental Education held at Ahmedabad, India in November 2007 brought together individuals and representatives from various youth and environment related networks, and has effectively demonstrated the efficacy of education as a tool. Youth participants have felt the need to sustain this effort to integrate education into sustainable development. (...)

Regional Activities - North America -
Energy & Responsibility: a challenge for the 21st century by Nina GREGG, 13 May 2008

Nearly 200 people gathered in Knoxville, Tennessee April 10-12, 2008 for “Energy Responsibility: a conference on ethics and the environment.” Interdisciplinary exchange The conference brought together ethicists, legal theorists, policy makers, industry representatives and environmental activists to engage in a conversation about ethics and responsibility in the contested terrain of energy (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Conservation Roundtable Conference, ALOTOAU, PNG by Betsan MARTIN, 14 January 2008

The Conservation Conference was a Pacific Conservation Roundtable meeting to work on the framework for the Pacific Conservation Action Strategy. KEY MESSAGE Conservation in the Pacific is integrated with sustainable livelihoods. Land being retained in customary tenure is a key to the link between Livelihoods and Environmental Responsibility. Pacific Conservation Action Strategy The (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
A Public Forum on Rights and Responsibilities for Sustainability by Betsan MARTIN, 8 January 2007

Resume At a public Forum co-hosted last 12th December by the Regional Committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities and the Human Rights commission, the speakers highlighted sustainability as a framework for economic and social re-organization, and an Ocean scientist gave a presentation of growing knowledge of ocean habitats to support decisions about sustainable fisheries. The (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Green Youth Ambassadors: An Initiative of the World Youth Foundation , 20 November 2006

More than 80 youths from different parts of the world gathered for an International Youth Conference on Environment and Disaster Risk Management organised by the World Youth Foundation, Malaysia, in cooperation with UNEP, in August 2006. I had the opportunity to share and discuss about the Charter of Human Responsibilities and challenge my fellow delegates on the positive role and (...)

Regional Activities - North America -
Sustainable Development and the Charter by Rob WHEELER, 7 April 2005

We need to develop an organizational foundation for the Campaign for Leadership on Sustainability so that it can fund and promote itself, we can hire adequate staff, reach out to additional organizations and stakeholders, and begin to sponsor our own program activities. We are planning to invite past leaders from the Presidents Council, environmental organizations, sustainable business (...)

Regional Activities - North America -
Priorities and Activities in 2004 by Rob WHEELER, 6 April 2005

First, we focused on the development of a National Campaign for Leadership on Sustainability, which is being sponsored by the US Citizens Network for Sustainable Development (CitNet) along with the US Charter project. Second, we worked on our activities in the area of Peace and Disarmament. This included the initial steps to develop a National Campaign for Peace and Disarmament and a Peoples (...)

Regional Activities - North America -
Objectives by Rob WHEELER, 16 January 2005

The Charter is being used to define the nature of responsibility that each person has (in their private, public, and professional capacities) in regards to one another and to the entire global human community. Likewise, the initial objective of our work with the Charter in the US is to identify and present the primary work that is and has been done to both define and establish more (...)

Regional Activities - North America -
Context by Rob WHEELER, 16 January 2005

Currently our society faces many problems. These exist because people, families, societal institutions, businesses, schools, etc are not taking personal or full responsibility for the things that they do and how they live their lives. The Charter can serve as a catalyst to challenge all peoples and associations to consider what it would mean to act responsibly and to make a full and serious (...)


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