Indigenous peoples

27 April 2010 - Regional Activities - Southern Pacific
Responsible governance of Watersheds

1 March 2010 - Regional Activities - Europe
Cross-cultural Listening and Dialog

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Science Technology and Society conference by Betsan MARTIN, 30 January 2010

Science Technology and Society conference Brisbane, Australia, Dec 2009 A Science Technology and Society conference brought an opportunity to activate new contacts for the Across Oceania network by preparing a presentation for the conference and visiting an ‘ecotechnology’ scientist, Callum Coats with whom we have been associated for many years. Callum is experimenting with using energy (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Watersheds and Responsible Governance by Betsan MARTIN, 30 January 2010

Watersheds and Responsible Governance: Aotearoa-New Zealand November 2009 A hillside gathering above Te Hakare Wetland The powhiri, or welcome by Maori elders from the tribes of the land and rivers of the area where our symposium was held, began the process of weaving together hosts and guests, those from the area and those from afar, and of drawing together the threads of different (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
A visit to Vanuatu by Betsan MARTIN, 30 January 2010

Vanuatu 29 Nov – 6 Dec 2009 A visit to Vanuatu was hosted by a Ni Vanuatu women known to us though her studies at a university in new Zealand. We found that women are bearing large burdens of extended family responsibilities – and that in urban areas there are added pressures of financial responsibility upon women who have jobs. Highlights of the visit included a village ‘Mountains to reef” (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
An Educational-innovation Experience in Chile Incorporating the Andean People’s Socioenvironmental Knowledge , 6 January 2010

kachkaniraqmi We are here, we are still Abstract The growing “environmental crisis,” which is a subset of the whole current civilization crisis and is irrevocably interacting with it, can be more descriptively called a “socioenvironmental crisis” in that it has to do essentially with the clash, tension, and inadequacy of human societies in their relations with the rest of the environment, (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
News Item on Australian Government Apology to Aboriginal People by Betsan MARTIN, 13 May 2008

Summary Apology to Australian Aboriginal People part of a flow of Government Apologies in the Pacific Region, including to Samoan people, and to Mãori Tribes. Apologies are a recent response to support the reconciliation process. They are intended to heal past wrongs on the part of governments who have exercised state powers to destroy the cohesion of indigenous peoples, or suppress (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples by Betsan MARTIN, 26 October 2007

Commentary NZ Opposes Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples In New Zealand there has been quite a lot of attention amongst Human Rights and Indigenous networks, to the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which was passed by the UN General Assembly on 13th September. There has been an outcry because of NZ opposition to the Declaration, despite years of advocacy and (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Series of Public Forums in partnership with the Human Rights Commission by Betsan MARTIN, 8 January 2007

The Charter of Human responsibilities committee in New Zealand is hosting a series of public seminars in partnership with the Human Rights Commission. The Human Rights Commission supports public forums and has an extensive network for citizen participation and discussion in matters of public interest. The forums we have co-hosted were in Wellington, they are to encourage public information (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Cultures and Responsibility Workshop by Pinky CASTELO CUPINO, 16 May 2006

Dr. Sylvia Guerrero of the University of the Philippines facilitated a workshop attended by ten participants on the topic Cultures and Responsibility last March 31, 2006. The workshop focused on the concepts of indigenous responsibility. The result of the workshop will be part of the data that will be incorporated in a chapter of a book on Ethical Foundations and Social Practices (a (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Activities and discussions on the Charter by Aleli BAWAGAN, 6 January 2006

Seminar-Workshop on “The Charter of Human Responsibility” among Teachers in Northern Mindoro and Advocates of Mangyan Rights and Welfare. Organization for Training, Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (OTRADEV). As coordinated by Aleli Bawagan

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Views from indigenous people about the Charter text, Aotearoa-New Zealand. by Betsan MARTIN, 6 January 2006

Comments from the project After careful reading of the principles, all said that the Charter reflects a western world view, and is referenced to its requirements and laws. What was being implied was that it addresses an adversarial system based on a dualistic worldview. The separation of nature and the environment, and culture are are codified in law. It forms the framework of religion and (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Spirituality and Human Responsibility, Chile. , 24 October 2005

Publication - presentation of a book published in Chile in Spanish.

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
The Treaty of Waitangi and the Foreshore and Seabed by Betsan MARTIN, 7 January 2005

Over the past year the ‘ownership’ of the Foreshore and Seabed has taken the dimensions of a tidal wave crashing on the shores of Aotearoa-New Zealand, and put relations between Maori and government under more pressure than they have been for a century. Under the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi indigenous titles to land were to be upheld. By 2003 the Foreshore is the last remaining area still in (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Samoa, Culture and Environment by Betsan MARTIN, 7 January 2005

In 2003, through the Alliance21 project, an environmental initiative was held in Samoa as part of the opening of the Nofoalii Centre for Cultural Research. Leaders of this Centre are on the committee for the Charter for Responsibility, with the Samoan members maintaining project work in the Pacific and in New Zealand. A symposium was held in New Zealand in November 2004, supported by the (...)


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