24 November 2008
Cultures and responsibility

21 August 2008 - Regional Activities - Europe
The New Dimension of Responsibility

Intercultural Research Group -
Intercultural Research Group: Objectives and Output by Edith SIZOO, 24 June 2008

The objectives of the research project are: 1. To understand the ideas associated with "Responsibility" in the 11 languages / cultural contexts of the participants in the project 2. To identify consequences of these understandings for social practices in those cultural contexts 3. To find common elements unfolded in these understandings 4. To contribute to an intercultural dialogue (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Horlicks wizkids Workshop–Report -2007 , 12 February 2008

The Indian Charter facilitation team, in association with Activity, an edutainment company, has successfully facilitated the drafting of Indian Children’s Charter of Social and Environmental Responsibilities for the second year. Horlicks Wizkids – 2007, a personality competition that recognizes the outstanding students, who are all-rounders and have a good balance of character & (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Cultures and Responsibility Workshop by Pinky CASTELO CUPINO, 16 May 2006

Dr. Sylvia Guerrero of the University of the Philippines facilitated a workshop attended by ten participants on the topic Cultures and Responsibility last March 31, 2006. The workshop focused on the concepts of indigenous responsibility. The result of the workshop will be part of the data that will be incorporated in a chapter of a book on Ethical Foundations and Social Practices (a (...)

Intercultural Research Group -
The challenge of intercultural dialogue by Edith SIZOO, 31 March 2006

In a period of increasing international communication - which by its very nature is intercultural - there is a tendency to use concepts which are supposed to be understood in the same way by communities rooted in a great variety of different histories and cultural contexts all over the world. This leads to numerous intercultural misunderstandings and (...)

Intercultural Research Group -
Cultural diversity of perceptions and practices by Edith SIZOO, 31 March 2006

It seems that a sense of responsibility (grounded in parenthood) is found among all groups of human beings. However, the way in which responsibility is assumed and accounted for is deeply embedded in each cultural context.

The concepts of Culture and Responsibility by Edith SIZOO, 31 March 2006

In this article we will focus in particular on the relationship between Cultures and Responsibility in connection with the new challenges humankind has to face. This requires to be clear about the two concepts.

Regional Activities - West Africa -
For a topical approach in West Africa by Sidiki Abdoul DAFF, 23 January 2006

We will focus this year the topical approaches with sub-regional dimension in different contexts.

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Re-enchanting the World by Gustavo MARIN, 23 June 2005

Latin American Meeting on Culture, Ethics and Responsibility Santiago, January 17 2005 Paper by Gustavo Marin•, at a Latin American Meeting On Culture, Ethics and Responsibility Santiago, January 17 2005 Fifty years ago, in 1955, Nelson Mandela and those who were in the liberation movement with him held the Congress of the People in Kliptown, a poor neighbourhood located in Cape City. (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Challenges by Sudha REDDY, 1 April 2005

Languages, cultures and understanding As the process of translations of the Charter texts began, the translators had difficulty in finding one-to-one equations in words and expressions that can effectively convey the sense of the Principles to the lowest common denominator among the public. Language being culture specific, connotative meanings take precedence over denotative meanings in any (...)

Intercultural Research Group -
Intercultural Glossary , 24 February 2005

Why an intercultural dialogue? How can we explain the cultural differences between significations ? Questions on the semantic field of the word "responsibility".

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Samoa, Culture and Environment by Betsan MARTIN, 7 January 2005

In 2003, through the Alliance21 project, an environmental initiative was held in Samoa as part of the opening of the Nofoalii Centre for Cultural Research. Leaders of this Centre are on the committee for the Charter for Responsibility, with the Samoan members maintaining project work in the Pacific and in New Zealand. A symposium was held in New Zealand in November 2004, supported by the (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
2004 in Brazil: launching local and national programs by Isis de PALMA, 4 January 2005

In order to work on the priorities, we started to work in the direction of the three objectives mentioned in the article “Objectives”. Our priority was in 4 areas: Education, Social sectors and governance, Cultural and Communication, focusing in the segments: environmental movement, teachers and youth network, human rights and peace-driven movements, citizenship-driven entities, workers in (...)


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