Maritime environment

30 January 2010 - Regional Activities - Southern Pacific
Watersheds and Responsible Governance

15 January 2010 - Regional Activities - Asia
Voices from the Waters 2009: 4th International Water Film Festival

Regional Activities - Latin America -
The Other CO2 Problem , 28 April 2009

Animated film about the issue of ocean acidification, produced by Ridgeway School (Plymouth, UK) and Plymouth Marine Laboratory. Funded by the European Project on OCean Acidification (EPOCA).

Regional Activities - Latin America -
What we know What we do not know And how we try to better understand global change , 28 April 2009

(44 pages booklet) - An introduction to research questions, challenges and methods for CarboSchools projects (http://www.carboschools.org).

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Local Management of Marine Areas (LMMA) Network Meeting, Fiji by Betsan MARTIN, 18 December 2008

Details of the Shared Activity The LMMA meeting was held over 6 days in Suva, and in village member sites. Participants linked with the Across Oceania network included Hugh Govan (a member of the LMMA Network Co-ordinating team) Kelly May (NIWA), Wayne Ormond (Ministry of Fisheries), Aranui Puna, Guardian (Kaitiaki) of a customary marine reserve (Mataitai). Betsan Martin, Convener of (...)


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