Building a network

4 December 2008 - Regional Activities - Asia
India, Japan and South Corea

30 May 2008 - Regional Activities - Latin America
Building the Network of Human Responsibilities in Chile (2005-07)

Regional Activities - Europe -
Action Plan 2008-2009 by Yolanda ZIAKA, 29 October 2007

Objectives and Approach for 2008-2009 Our approach is based on underscoring the value of the Charter as an awareness-raising tool with a view to changing mentalities and behavior. The first aim is to give rise to socially responsible commitment within social and professional groups and commitment to action at an everyday level. The European team works closely with Polis - International (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
Assessment of our activities for 2005 - Orientations for 2006 by Yolanda ZIAKA, 11 November 2005

* Objectives 2005 In Europe, the work on the Charter of Human Responsibilities has actually started in February 2005. In a first stage, until November 2005, our objectives were the following: to locate the representations of the concept of responsibility, in European professional and associative sectors; to diffuse the Charter of Human Responsibilities and the project on the Charter for (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Objectives and strategies by Claire LAUNAY, Diego ESCOBAR, 20 April 2005

The Charter of Responsibilities must enable civil society to develop its own capacity for organisational and institutional empowerment and change stereotypes of political action that have existed up until now. Civil society must, in fact, contribute to the creation of a new type of governance by, for instance, reinforcing mechanisms of control over the communication media and over the (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Methodology by Carlos LIBERONA, 10 January 2005

We insist on the fact that we have used participative methodologies in the meetings, seminars and workshops. We guaranty that all can express themselves and all participate. The Charter is discussed according to the geographical and sectoral interest, and we try, with these actions, to build up the roots of a network, and, starting from their own background, to help people enlarging their (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
Communication Activities From 2006 Onwards by Betty NGUYEN, Yolanda ZIAKA, 7 January 2005

Creating a network of mediating people/organisations to disseminate the Charter process on a European scale This will facilitate disseminating information on the Charter, pinpointing people and organisations that can contribute with experiences, disseminating these experiences and, possibly later, as a second stage (from 2006), set up concrete projects in collaboration with members of this (...)


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