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19 August 2011 - Regional Activities - Europe
The CONFINT process continues in Europe, towards Rio, and beyond!

10 February 2010 - Regional Activities - Latin America
Sustainable development and climate change education

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Other Worlds are Possible: Human progress in an age of climate change , 8 February 2010

This sixth report from the Working Group on Climate Change and Development argues that our chances of triumphing over climate change will rise dramatically if we recognise that there we need not one but many models of human development. Read more: www.rinoceros.org

Regional Activities - Latin America -
The Youth Charter of Responsibilities on the Environment - Chile , 7 January 2010

The Charter of Responsibilities of the Children of Chile to the Environment and Climate Change has been finalized, drafted from the logs of the National Conference of Children of Chile "Let’s Take Care of Chile" carried out in Santiago de Chile this past December 16 (International Confint Brasilia 2010). For a detailed report on all the CONFINT Chile process toward the international CONFINT (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Workshop on Values and Responsibilities , 10 December 2009

Brief presentation This methodological tool for debates can be very useful to help groups identifying local issues and define the values that are behind political interests that can impact on specific social groups and communities, with social and environmental consequences. It can help a group to find out who are responsible for creating such problems and who are the responsible for (...)

Regional Activities - North America -
Unitarian Universalist Congregation considers “Our Responsibility for Water” by Nina GREGG, 1 December 2009

The congregation invited Nina to return in August to present a guest sermon as part of the annual Water Service. For the Water Service congregants bring water from their travels or places that have been significant to them. During the service all the water samples are poured into a common vessel to symbolize coming together again and that many are one. The Foothills congregation wanted to (...)

Regional Activities - North America -
US Film Festivals Raise Awareness, Mobilize Action on Our Responsibility for Water by Nina GREGG, 3 June 2009

The Global Citizens’ Climate Change & Water Film Festival visited ten college and university campuses in the US between March 22 and April 27, 2009. Student groups and community organizations sponsored the festival at each location. Nina Gregg, US Charter Coordinator and Anugraha John from Global Citizens for Sustainable Development in Bangalore, India led discussions and workshops and (...)

Regional Activities - North America -
Global Citizen’s Climate Change and Water Film Festival to Visit Nine US Campuses by Nina GREGG, 4 May 2009

The Climate Change and Water Film Festival, a project of the Charter of Human Responsibilities and Global Citizens for Sustainable Development, will visit nine university and college campuses in the US in spring 2009. The film festival aims to increase awareness and action regarding local and global issues around water. The Charter of Human Responsibilities, an international project (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) - Climate Change , 29 April 2009

What is Climate Change? What Can You Do? UNEP and Climate Change

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Climate Challenge: Earth’s future is in your hands , 29 April 2009

An online game (requires flash plugin) where "you are president of the European Nations. You must tackle climate change and stay popular enough with the voters to remain in office". The educational goal is "to give an understanding of some of the causes of climate change, particularly those related to carbon dioxide emissions, to give players an awareness of some of the policy options (...)

Regional Activities - Latin America -
TAke AIM at Climate Change , 28 April 2009

A music video sponsored by NSF and NASA, portraying climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic and encouraging AIM (Adaptation, Innovation, Mitigation).

Regional Activities - Latin America -
The Other CO2 Problem , 28 April 2009

Animated film about the issue of ocean acidification, produced by Ridgeway School (Plymouth, UK) and Plymouth Marine Laboratory. Funded by the European Project on OCean Acidification (EPOCA).

Regional Activities - Latin America -
What we know What we do not know And how we try to better understand global change , 28 April 2009

(44 pages booklet) - An introduction to research questions, challenges and methods for CarboSchools projects (http://www.carboschools.org).

Regional Activities - Latin America -
Youth Conference on Environment - General Presentation , 7 November 2008

[9 pages presentation, to download below in pdf format ,as well as a 2-page summary] The Government of Brazil, through the Ministries of Environment and Education, invite the nations of the world to participate in a large scale process of international cooperation: the Children and Youth International Conference for the Environment – Let’s Take Care of the Planet, in Brasilia, 2010. (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Climate Change, Sustainability & Equity: a Civil Society approach by Sudha REDDY, 23 July 2008

CHR in National Symposium The National Symposium on “Climate Change, Sustainability & Equity: a Civil Society approach” was collectively organized by Shanti Foundation, Passion for Global Peace S.E.E.D.S., Cerana Foundation, Engineers without Borders, India and Ecological Literacy Foundation in Hyderabad from 7th to 8th March 08. Sudha, coordinator of CHR, being one of the steering (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Youth voicing for Climate Change, G8 Summit - Japan , 18 July 2008

Youth voicing their strong opinion for Climate Change and Sustainable Development at G8 Summit in Japan The G8 (Group of Eight) Summit is being held in Hokkaido, Japan in July 2008. Japan Youth G8 (JYG8) invited more than 100 youth activists and organizations around the world to participate in an international youth forum between 27th June - 30t June 2008 where they discussed the world’s (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Global Citizens’ Climate Change and Water Film Festival , 2 June 2008

Organizers Global Citizens for Sustainable Development (Bangalore, India), Beijing Eco-Group, (Beijing, China), China-India Forum and Asian Citizens Alliance Supporting Organizations Polis – International Network in Environmental Education (Greece), Charter of Human Responsibilities (US), Response Trust (New Zealand) and Pacific Asia Research Center (Japan) Water Concerns Water is (...)

Regional Activities - Asia -
Workshop on "Intergenerational Partnerships for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation" , 14 May 2008

The International Conference on Environmental Education held at Ahmedabad, India in November 2007 brought together individuals and representatives from various youth and environment related networks, and has effectively demonstrated the efficacy of education as a tool. Youth participants have felt the need to sustain this effort to integrate education into sustainable development. (...)

Regional Activities - North America -
University Policy Aims to Become ’Climate Neutral’ Institution , 25 October 2007

; On September 11, 2007, the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) announced a new policy that will, over time, reduce the impact of the university on the environment. This policy will require major new campus buildings to conform to standards for environmentally friendly buildings. The University has also recently signed two major environmental documents: the Talloires Declaration and the (...)

Regional Activities - Southern Pacific -
Climate Change and Governance Conference, 28-29 March 2006, New Zealand by Betsan MARTIN, 4 April 2006

The conference on Climate Change focused on scientific evidence and integration of the projections for climate change with social and economic policy and governance. The scientific presentations were brilliant, inscribing in our minds the graphic picture of fluctuations in Earth’s temperature over millions and hundreds of years, and the surge in the last 100. The conference brought forward (...)

Regional Activities - Europe -
Climate Warming and Our Common Responsibility: Becoming Informed So We Can Act by Yolanda ZIAKA, 10 December 2005

The issue of global warming, a major challenge of our time, is a quintessential "entrance" to the initiation of an awareness-raising and education campaign on the question of everyone’s individual responsibility. Following is a brief overview of the issue as it stands today (September 2005) and a few ideas on the educational potential of this issue for an initiation to the concept of human (...)


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