Christoph EBERHARD

Partner of the Charter process, specialized In Law, works in Human rights, interculturality, governance.

Associated Topics to this author: Cross-culturalism, dialog and multilingualism . Governance, Human Rights, and responsibility . Environment and responsibility . Cross-cultural . Governance . Human Rights . Environment . Public administration . Indigenous peoples . Communication .

8 March 2010
The Law and Cross-cultural Dynamics in Europe

1 March 2010
Cross-cultural Listening and Dialog

The Law as a Mirror of Cultures. For Another Globalization. - 1 March 2010

The second edition of the Christoph Eberhard’s book, Le droit au miroir des cultures. Pour une autre mondialisation (The Law as a Mirror of Cultures. For Another Globalization) has just been published with a preface by Etienne Le Roy. Presentation In this age of globalization, Law theoreticians and researchers in social sciences are increasingly questioning the adequacy of their tools for (...)

“Poverty as a violation of human rights”: a liberating force. What is at stake? What are the prospects? - 29 August 2006

Taking human rights seriously implies, at a basic level, guaranteeing every human being the means to live a life worthy of a human being. In the face of today’s phenomena of mass pauperization, it seems essential to recognize the urgent need to combat poverty, all the more so when we realize that "mass poverty" is not just a feature of many countries: it is a feature of our whole world, the (...)

Law, Governance and Sustainable Development. Preliminary reflections - 13 April 2006

This text was written within the research dynamics on « law, governance and sustainable development», that was initiated in January 2004 and is coordinated from the Facultés Universitaires of Saint Louis in Brussels, Belgium. It aims at questioning on the issue of Law, governance and sustainable development, in a context of globalization through intercultural enlightenment. Perspectives from (...)

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