Isis de PALMA

22 May 2009
For a Charter of Responsibilities of the Surfers

29 August 2008
Art Exhibition “Environment: Common Good, Common Responsibility”

Networks, Alliances and Citizen Responsibility in Brazil in 2007 - 5 March 2008

Citizen Responsibility Campaign in the city of São Paulo With its 12 million inhabitants and enormous social problems, São Paulo is South America’s biggest city. The “R” actions in São Paulo organized by the Movimento Nossa São Paulo Outra Cidade (the Our São Paulo: A Different City movement), aim to set an example for other Brazilian cities. The actions were inspired by the citizen participation (...)

Reporters’ Alliance in Brazil for a dually responsible and solidary media - 12 April 2007

The International Alliance of Reporters (J-Aliança) in Brazil is a network that was formed in the context of the citizen alliances, which is supported by the FPH (Fundação Charles Leopold Mayer pelo Progresso da Humanidade—Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind). It is headquartered in Paris, France. The goal is to work and focus on the theme of reporters’ (...)

The Union of South American Nations, the Charter of Human Responsibility and Governance in South America - 12 August 2006

The proposal was presented at the FSM 2005 (World Social Forum) and subsequently registered within the “Mural of Proposals”. ON December 8, 2004, in Cuzco, Peru, the Union of South American Nations officially created a form of governance that was inspired by the European Union, which in turn is counting on the support of most of the countries of the continent. Although it was depreciated by (...)

What’s New in the Brazilian Charter Lands - 19 October 2005

In Brasilia, from September 3 to 11, 2005, was organized the Second Meeting of the Youth for Environment, involving youth from all the states of Brazil, to prepare the Second National Conference of the Children and the Youth for Environment. The work includes a reflection on the Charter of Human Responsibilities involving millions of people (57 000 (...)

Brazil, Meeting on Communication and Responsibilities - 11 May 2005

(text in Portuguese only)

A Video about the Charter in two editions - 6 April 2005

The first edition made in April was first made for the Seminar on Governance and it was necessary to start listening people about the video language, about the principles and how to transform the video into a better instrument to work with the Charter. This video is in Portuguese. You can download below the script of the video translated into English (the video with English subtitles will (...)

Isis de PALMA - 7 January 2005

My name is Isis de Palma. I am an educator, I work on socio-environmental education, communication, culture and citizenship. I have been a member of the Alliance since 1996, when we created the São Paulo Group. In 1997 I participated in the organization of the World Alliance meeting in Bertioga - Brazil. I am 52 years old, I live in São Paulo, Brazil, and I have a daughter 22 years old. I (...)

Objectives - 4 January 2005

In the Brazilian workplan we had written in 2003 there where three objectives for 2004. Diffusing the Charter of Human Responsibilities for the social sectors we consider key ones to make the process advance. Creating the Network in Brazil for the Charter of Human Responsibilities within the scope of the entrepreneurs’ movement, environmental movement, youth network, human rights and (...)

Committe of the Charter in Brazil: members and partners - 4 January 2005

Coordinator of the Charter Diffusion in Brazil: Isis de Palma isis DqT educ-imagens.com.br Imagens Educação Tel 55-11-3167-2575 Instituto Ágora em Defesa do Eleitor e da Democracia agora DqT agoranet.org.br Tel 55-11 - 3898-0123 Brazilian Committee of the diffusion of the Charter of Human Responsibilities The Charter team in Brazil (working team): Isis de Palma José Domingos (...)

Regional Activities in 2005 and the later years - 4 January 2005

Continue implementation of the strategies planned for the first year Press conferences following the publication of the Alliance propositions booklets (cahiers de propositions) and present the Charter to journalists. Round tables with 3 important strategic social-professionals groups: politicians, journalists and entrepreneurs. Discuss actions to touch at the contradictions of the system (...)

Challenges and Achievements - 4 January 2005

Challenges to face in 2004 The big difficulty was to adapt the working plan to the amount of our budget and to choose the priorities. It was necessary to work on the tools we needed to start the diffusion. A participative methodology diffusion program was necessary and we decided to produce the video project following this logic. It was not easy. The absence of the Brazilian Committee in (...)

2004 in Brazil: launching local and national programs - 4 January 2005

In order to work on the priorities, we started to work in the direction of the three objectives mentioned in the article “Objectives”. Our priority was in 4 areas: Education, Social sectors and governance, Cultural and Communication, focusing in the segments: environmental movement, teachers and youth network, human rights and peace-driven movements, citizenship-driven entities, workers in (...)

Reinforcing International Collective Activities for 2005 - 4 January 2005

We have to take the opportunity of our strength as an international group to develop more activities along with all the Charter regional Committees and partners.

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