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Coordinator of the Regional Committee of the Charter for Chile and Latin America
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Associated Topics to this author: Governance, Human Rights, and responsibility . Culture of responsibility . Ethics .

30 May 2008
Building the Network of Human Responsibilities in Chile (2005-07)

19 June 2006
Experience and Dialogs on the Charter of Human Responsibilities: Ethics, Responsibilities and Justice

2005 Meeting of the International Charter Committee, in Chile : a first evaluation - 4 May 2005

About the STRENGTHS The meeting gives clarity on the agreements, points of possible cooperation, networks that exist and it confirms that the process has started, with different rhythms, and that it will acquire mayor force and rythmin the next two years. The Charter already has “social nests”, that is bases of departure in several countries and the support to the Charter is growing, although (...)

Orientations in 2005 - 6 April 2005

First scenario : In Chile the strong sector is the Academic Sector, there are 56 academics actively committed with the Charter, elaborating reflections, we are to publish three books (one of a mathematician, another of women and that of the religions). In the publications is involved a very important sector of our intellectuals (of course intellectuals from the third world) but not for it (...)

Partners - 10 January 2005

List of Persons that support the Charter - first network of the Charter in the Country.

2003, 2004 : A facilitation Committee was born in Chile - 10 January 2005

Activities, first steps - We started developing the programme in Chile in October 2003, given that it is very difficult to begin in January, which corresponds to a period when activities stop rather than start. (...)

Objectives - 10 January 2005

Due to a limited budget, we did not try to reach directly an international public but first focused our effort on very targeted groups, capable of assuming the development of the Charter seeds and we postponed the edition of the Charter in other languages as well as the video until the beginning of next year. The emphases we have selected correspond to the original project, they are reduced (...)

Methodology - 10 January 2005

We insist on the fact that we have used participative methodologies in the meetings, seminars and workshops. We guaranty that all can express themselves and all participate. The Charter is discussed according to the geographical and sectoral interest, and we try, with these actions, to build up the roots of a network, and, starting from their own background, to help people enlarging their (...)

Carlos LIBERONA - 7 January 2005

I’m from the countryside and have been involved in farmer organisation since I was 15. Like most Chileans, I have mixed origins, which in my case, is Chilean Mapuche. I studied for several years, but my main occupation was supporting the social and grassroots edifice. I worked in helping the grassroots sectors to get organised up until 1973. From 1973 to 1977, I took part in the resistance (...)

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