Published on 12 June 2006
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Letter to the President of Brazil and the Ministers of Environment and Education

Following the Conference, Edith Sizoo, Coordinator of the International Charter Team, wrote to Mr Lula, Mrs Silva and Mr Haddad.

PRESIDENTE DO BRASIL, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
Ministra do Meio Ambiente, Marina Silva
Ministro da Educaçao, Fernando Haddad

c.c. Secretario de Educaçao Continuada, Alfabetizaçao e Diversidade, Ricardo Henriques
c.c. Coordenadora Geral de Educaçao Ambiental, Rachel Trajber
c.c. Director de Educaçao Ambiental, Marcos Sorrentino

1st May 2006

Your Excellency, Mr. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
Your Excellency, Mrs. Marina Silva
Your Excellency, Mr. Fernando Haddad

This letter is to congratulate you with the outstanding achievement of the II Conferencia Nacional Infanto-Juvenil pelo Meio Ambiente which was held from 23-28 of April 2006 in Luziania/GO.

I had the great privilege to attend the full conference in my capacity of International Coordinator of the Charter of Human Responsibilities. In the framework of this initiative a great variety of projects and programmes have been set up in all parts of the world.

To my knowledge, however, the process that was initiated by the Minister of Environment in Brasil and followed by the II Children’s Conference jointly organised by the Ministries of Education and of Environment, is unique in the world.

I was greatly impressed with the level of knowledge the children had about the four themes of the programme, the seriousness which characterised their way of working during the Conference, and their personal determination to really commit themselves to "CUIDAR DO BRASIL".
I am convinced that their participation in this extremely well conceived process will have a lifelong influence on them.

I feel that your initiative should become a model programme for other countries and eventually culminate in a World Children’s Conference: "Vamos cuidar do Planeta" !
This is a dream… but when there is a will, there is a way.
I will do everything within my possibilities to contribute to this objective.

Most sincerely yours,

Edith Sizoo


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