Published on 8 May 2006
Translations available in: français . Español .

International Research Group on Culture and Responsibility

Associated Central Topics: Cross-culturalism, dialog and multilingualism .
Associated General Topics: Cross-cultural .

Participants List

China : Mrs JIN Siyan, Professor of philosophy and Chinese languages at the ENA in Paris and the University of Beijing

India : Makarand PARANJAPE, professor in comparative literature and specialized in Indian languages and culture at the University of Delhi, India

Arab world : Tarek AL-NORMAN Abdel MOT‘AL AL KADY, Professor of Arab languages and culture at the University of Cairo, Egypt

Africa, Togo : KAO Blanzoua, Professor in anthropology

Georgia : Tinatin BOCHORISHVILI, Chairperson of the department of political sciences of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia, author and editor of books and articles. Deputy editor Journal of Eurasina research, Editorial Board International Journal on World Peace. Actually in charge of World Bank supported Educational Reform in Georgia.

Philippines : Sylvia GUERRERO, sociologist, Professor at the University of Manila.

Brazil : Rachel TRAJBER, linguist and anthropologist. Actually high level function as special adviser to the Minister of Education of Brasil.

New Zealand : Betsan MARTIN, specialist in community education. In collaboration with Charles Te Ahukaramu Royal, writer, philosopher and musician, representative of Maori indigenous peoples in New Zealand.

France : Christophe EBERHARD, PhD in the anthropology of law, lecturing at the University of Louvain la Neuve, Belgium

Germany: Ina RANSON teacher of German language and culture

Coordinator : Edith SIZOO, Netherlands, socio-linguist. Coordinator of the International Facilitation Committee of the Charter of Human Responsibilities.


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