Published on 13 April 2006
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Law, Governance and Sustainable Development. Preliminary reflections


The article questions the concepts which frame current reflexions on governance, globalisation and Law and on the emerging modalities of the sharing of powers and responsibilities in order to reveal the bases for truly intercultural dialogues on these issues. The larger horizon of the problematic is provided by globalisation. The latter leads to a reorganization of the socio-politico-legal field. The State loses its predominance and government is increasingly challenged by a more efficacy driven governance which also calls for increased participation of civil society in the organization of our living together. Governance which is supposed to ensure the efficacy of the organization of our living together also aims at a responsible participation of the citizens to a sustainable development which benefits all, respects the environment and safeguards resources for the future generations. From a legal perspective, it is also important to take into account the role of Law as a means to put forms and to put into forms the reproduction of societies in the domains they consider as being vital.

The article of Christoph Eberhard includes the following sections:
Sustainable Development
States between government and governance
Civil Society, responsibility and participation

To read the whole text in French, click here : Droit, gouvernance et développement durable. Quelques réflexions préliminaires [1]

[1] source : Revue interdisciplinaire d’études juridiques, 2004, N° 53, p. 81-122


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