Published on 6 April 2005
Translations available in: Español . français . Português do Brasil .

The National Education Program for Public Schools

Associated Central Topics: Education and responsibility .
Associated General Topics: Education .

A methodology based on meetings and publications

The National Education Program for public schools used the publications and their meetings to include the Charter in their own methodology.

We started a methodology of discussing responsibilities with regard to the planet, the country and local responsibilities. The instrument to do it is 27 states Seminars for multipliers educators and two national publications with a social control and participation working methodology. One of these publications is linked with the Charter in Portuguese on the web site of the Alliance.

The methodology is to create a COMVIDA (vida means life, and convida means invite) in the school – this is a committee of quality of life in each school, involving parents, students, teachers, functionaries, and community.


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