Published on 10 April 2006
Translations available in: français . Español .


by Betsan MARTIN
Associated Central Topics: Cross-culturalism, dialog and multilingualism .
Associated General Topics: Cross-cultural . Environment . Ethics .

- Humphries, M.T. and Martin, B. (2005). Diversity Ethics: a compass pointing to relationality and reciprocity for navigating turbulent seas. The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management - In Print

- Martin, B. (2005) ‘Responsibility. Guardians of Life’ - Submitted for Yfeng Zhao’s edited publication on Responsibility. China.

- Martin, B; Humphries, M.; with Te Rangiita, R. (2005) ‘A Two Hulled Waka. Managing Diversity in Pacific Mode.’ - International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations. Volume 3B. Edited by Mary Kalantzis and Paul James.

- Martin, B. and Humphries, M.T. (2004). Co-citizenship: sailing on disturbed water - International Society for Third Sector Research, July 11-14, Toronto, Canada.

- Humphries, M. Martin, B., Bang, B and Mohi, G (2002). Working with difference – Resisting premature conjugality - Fifth International Conference of International Society for Third Sector Research, Cape Town, 7-10 July.

- Martin, B. and Humphries, M. (2002). Enhancing relationships through research, enhancing research through relationships - Australia New Zealand Third Sector Research Conference, UNITEC, Auckland, November 27-29.


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