Published on 9 May 2010
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A Brief Review of various Initiatives on Charter of Human Responsibilities in Nepal - 2010

by Sudha REDDY
Associated Central Topics: Culture of responsibility .

Nepal is facing series of threats and challenges at present context. The issues and problems do not confine within its political system only; it is influencing the whole structure such as socio- cultural and economic development process very adversely. At this juncture, adoption and promotion of cultures of Responsibility is the only access, which can offer the right track to address such issues.

With this view, Rahat a research oriented social organization, based at Kathmandu, Nepal and also a part of CHR Asia Alliance, came forward with this ambitious agenda launching of CHR to promote the cultures of Responsibility in Nepal.

The specific initiatives and endeavors are illustrated briefly as follows:

Formation of Rahat CHR core group Nepal

On 1st February 2010 CHR core group Nepal was formulated comprising of nine members from the various key sectors and professions, such as senior politician, joint secretary of Nepal government, academic, advocate, high level personal from social welfare council / gender and development sectors, activists, and development experts etc. The CHR core group is chaired by Rahat.

The first meeting was held on 3rd February 2010 at Kathmandu, which was covered by National Daily- Nepal Samachar Patra on its regular issue of 4th February 2010. As per the mandate of the meeting, a brochure/leaflet was prepared by Rahat with the background, vision and mission of CHR which included its ten guiding principles along with Rahat’s commitment, stand and implementing strategies. Similarly another prime resolution of the meeting was to organize a high level symposium on CHR to promote the culture of responsibilities in Nepal, which was very effectively and successfully carried out on 23rd February, 2010 at Kathmandu, this was followed by series of events, such as: conducting class for university students, Meeting with high level government officials in Election Commission, NGO visits and Consultations with partner organizations, observations analysis, monitoring and evaluation on CHR launching and Responsibilities Culture promotion symposium /events in Rahat CHR core group Nepal Meeting.

A week Long Follow- up Events for: Charter Of Human Responsibilities / CHR to promote the Culture Of Responsibilities in Nepal:

February-24, 2010
An Interaction Session was organized at Central Department of Economics, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu Nepal on "Responsible Economy in the context of Globalization "for M. Phil. Students. Ms. Sudha Reddy, Asia Coordinator for CHR gave her orientation on the ‘Responsible Economy’. The session was very lively, interactive and interesting with alternative dimension to mainstream economics. Various questions were addressed by Ms. Reddy for the students. Prof. Dr. Madhavi Singh faculty of the Department and also the chairperson of Rahat was present during the orientation session.

February-25, 2010
A consultation meeting was held at the National Election Commission, Kantipath, Kathmandu with the cooperation of the member-Rahat CHR core group Nepal and also Joint secretary of Nepal Government Mr. Shyam Sunder Sharma at his office. Ms. Sudha Reddy, Asia Coordinator and Dr. Madhavi Singh Chairperson of Rahat were present in the meeting with prime agenda on the application of CHR during the election process. In-depth discussions took place regarding the application of CHR at the government level, and specific to election Commission. Development of training modules and other Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials on the principles of CHR for educating the citizens on their responsibility in exercising their voting rights were the prime agenda of the meeting. Almost 12 high level officials including Joint Secretary and Under Secretary actively participated in the meeting.

Major outcome: The Joint Secretary suggested Rahat to write an official letter to The Election Commission with CHR and its application in the Election Commission.

February-26, 2010
Some leading organizations were visited and observed by Ms. Sudha Reddy and Dr. Madhavi Singh to set up a friendly relationship and coordination, net working for the cause and promotion of CHR in Nepal. In this regard, Stri Shakti located at Kathmandu district and Crehpa located at Lalitpur district were visited.

A consultation meeting for networking and coordination of the program was organized in Crehpa’s office. A brief introductory remark on CHR and its guiding principles was highlighted by Ms. Reddy. Dr. Madhavi Singh briefed the Nepalese scenario and also gave a short review on CHR with its relevancy and need in Nepalese prospective. Almost ten organizations have been identified for the Networking at this initial phase which will be obviously enlarged and extended to the possible extent. Representatives from the various organizations forwarded their queries regarding CHR.

February 27, 2010
Last but not least, a joint meeting of Rahat’s Board and Rahat CHR core group, Nepal was called on Kathmandu to evaluate and monitor the accomplished activities and to discuss about the future strategy of Rahat regarding the CHR. Ms. Sudha Reddy South Asia Coordinator for CHR briefed about the global / regional activities and significance of CHR. However the members were delighted for the very meaningful and result oriented break through of CHR in Nepal. The symposium has enabled to generate the attention and commitments from the very high levels. The meeting decided and expressed its determination to give a lively movement of CHR in future too by driving this agenda ahead both in national international scenario. The meeting provided the mandate to three persons working committee with full authority to present ‘Duties and Responsibilities’ to the Constitution committee, Election Commission and other concerned.
A suggestion came from Sudha Reddy to introduce CHR in Nepal Bar Council/ Association to the advocate, Mr. Komal P Ghimire of CHR Core group.

Recent Developments on CHR
On 12 March, 2010 a consultation meeting of CHR working committee was held at Kathmandu, which has made following decisions to formulation one year program for the year 2010:

- a. Developing [1] a ’Folder for Rahat’s Stand and Initiatives on CHR’ consisting all materials along with its future strategies and to submit it with organizational request for the application of CHR in the high level national concerned sectors.
- b. Interactions: with Media / NGOs and other potential partners.
- c. Trainings: to Youths / Students /Activists.
- d. Participation in concerned programs, rally and in public forums at particular occasion and date for the promotion of culture of CHR.
- e. Publication, Documentation of Information Education communication /IEC material on CHR and its dissemination or circulation extensively.
- f. Advocacy at all levels on CHR / Setting up of Public Forums to promote CHR.

Dr. Madhavi Singh, Rahat, Nepal & Ms. Sudha Reddy, Asia Coordinator, India

[1] Developed a folder consisting of all relevant documents about Rahat’s initiation on CHR, with an institutional covering letter to submit to the following authorities: President’s office, Prime Minister’s office, Constituent Assembly, National Planning Commission, Bar Association, National Human Right Commission, NGO/ INGO Federation etc within two weeks and to organize a press release for media coverage.


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