Published on 12 March 2010
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A 12-year old child’s take on the responsibility of adults

Associated Central Topics: Environment and responsibility .
Associated General Topics: Children . Environment . International organizations . Political responsibility . Youth .

A then 12-year-old Canadian girl, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, addressed a UN conference in Brazil and made a strong statement in 1992, 18 years ago. She does not pronounce the word "responsibility," but that is exactly what she is referring to: the responsibility of those who have the power to decide.

Some politicians today seem to be just barely discovering environmental threats and their own responsibility, as if these problems had been just only recently been brought to their attention. But Ms. Cullis-Suzuki’s lucidity shows how environmental concerns and responsibilities were brought into the public arena as early as the seventies.

"We Need to Win" (Michael Archer interviews Severn Suzuki, April 2009)

David Suzuki Foundation, her father.

In early 2002, she helped launch an Internet-based think tank called The Skyfish Project. She and members of the Skyfish Project brought their first project, a pledge called the "Recognition of responsibility", to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in August 2002.


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