Published on 22 February 2010
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Photo show (March 2009)

Associated Central Topics: Culture of responsibility .
Associated General Topics: Environment . Individual responsibility . Sustainable development .

The photo show presented at the Caucasus House in March 2009 was preceded by a scientific symposium with lectures by persons representing:
- the Georgian group for the dissemination of the Charter,
- the group of environmentalists from the Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry Institute,
- the Caucasus House,
- the NGO Momavali,
- academics, state representatives, and representatives of several ministries.

Tsisso Chipachvili, Georgian Initiatives Group coordinator, presented the Charter of Human Responsibilities and the actions undertaken in the framework of the Charter. The main idea was summed up by the following statements: “We all have the responsibility of bringing Human Rights to life in our minds and in our actions. For the past few years our activities in Georgia have aimed to facilitate communication around the promotion and circulation of the Charter of Human Responsibilities in all social contexts."

"To face the today’s challenges and those to come, it is very important to unite in action so as to take full advantage of cultural and multi-ethnic diversity. We scientists are always responsible for everything that happens around us," declared Marina Avaliani. "For Georgia today, which is in a post-war situation, sustainable peace cannot be established without justice that respects the dignity and human rights of all the nationalities and the different ethnic groups living in our country."

Ecological aspects, consumption of natural resources in Georgia, serious problems due to the absence of responsibility at every level, personal irresponsibility, the steps to take for an active protection and cautious management of the environment: these were the themes considered in the lectures given by Marina Avaliani, Rusudan Chaguelichvilis, Valia Kveselavas and Natela Ananiachvilis (ecologists from the Chemistry Institute).

As an invitation to consider and discuss short-term priorities and to imagine long-term consequences and every possible risk, Marina Avaliani presented this photo show at the Caucasus House, a number of photo-reporters’ detailed view of all the aspects of human responsibility at every level, in different social and/or professional contexts. Key themes: ecology, environment, undesirable effects, waste-related risks (nuclear and/or other), etc.

After the show, there was vivid discussion among the guests: young students, scientists, writers, academics, and also ordinary people, concerned passers-by interested in the theme of the show, as well as foreigners residing in Georgia, representatives of the government and of the public service for the defense of human rights in Georgia, who were specially invited, and finally the media, of course.


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