Published on 20 March 2009
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Assembly of the Citizens of the Mediterranean

by Yolanda ZIAKA
Associated Central Topics: Governance, Human Rights, and responsibility . Culture of responsibility .
Associated General Topics: Governance .

towards a Mediterranean community of people

The South European Team of the Charter supports the initiative for the organization of an "Assembly of the Citizens of the Mediterranean", whose objectives are based – among others – on the value of responsibility, as a core value.

Here follows a short presentation of the initiative:

The process of putting together the Assembly of the Citizens of the Mediterranean is a regional dynamic which is going to contribute to the building of a common and sustainable space of peace, development, solidarity and of prosperity, shared among the people from the Mediterranean. This initiative is complementary of other already existing initiatives, which also share the same goal.

This Assembly of the Citizens of the Mediterranean is totally based on the democratic values of peace, respect for cultural diversity and the environmental activity. It aims to help the emergence of a common discourse and citizen action, via the arrangement of permanent meetings, making use of innovator methods and tools.

The peculiarity of this initiative is the implication of all social sectors and groups: the democratic elected ones, the labor unions, the civil society as well as the public function, the companies, the informal group of citizens, etc.

This initiative is supported by CERAI (Centro de Estudios Rurales y de Agricultura Internacional) and by Charles Léopold Mayer pour le progrès de l’Homme Foundation.


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