Published on 6 February 2009
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Promoting and supporting the CHR art exhibition

Associated Central Topics: Art and responsibility .
Associated General Topics: Art .

Participate in that project of Social and Cultural Responsibility through the promotion of the Charter of Human Responsibilities (CHR) and the support of the Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos (Brasil Fund of Human Rights).

Carried out by the CHR Brazilian Committee and the World Network of Artists in Alliance.

The CHR exhibition started in Greece, then it went to Paris, to Tiradentes-MG and it is now in São Paulo, in the Conjunto Nacional - Paulista Avenue, where 40 thousand people circulate every day.

To finance the project, a bid is being organized to sell an exclusive jewel created by the artist and jewelry maker Mônica Reda. The value of the jewels is of R$ 15.000,00 (5.000 Euros). 300 quotas of R$ 50,00 each (17,00 Euros) will be put into a bid.

The lots will be sold on February 12, 2009 at 12:00 o’clock in the headquarters of the Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos - Rua General Jardim, 660, in São Paulo.
More information with Isis de Palma or Lúcia by e-mail (isis yao educ-imagens.com.br) or by phone at 55-11-31672575.

The exhibition in SP will last until December 20 in the Conjunto Nacional in São Paulo (Av. Paulista, corner of Rua Augusta) and it is organized together with the Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos that is commemorating the 60 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


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