Published on 8 December 2008
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Handicapped Children Manufacturing Bags

Associated Central Topics: Environment and responsibility .
Associated General Topics: Environment . Environmental education .

Against plastic, for social integration, and for the environment

My friend Margret Wegmann, representing a small German organization of volunteers that helps handicapped children in Georgia, and myself had the idea of helping handicapped children to be integrated into society through a responsible, fun, educational, ecological, and money-making activity. The organization was thus able to finance the renovation of the Saint Michael school (for handicapped children) and to buy materials to manufacture bags intended to replace plastic bags.

A few young people, who could sew, manufactured bags with the Charter logo and Website address printed on them, along with the address of the store where they are sold. To distribute them, I found a few souvenir shops to sell the bags.

This provides wages for the young manufacturers. Since last January, the organization has provided the school with the necessary materials, and the young persons manufacture bags with the Charter logo and that of a network of souvenir shops. Our team will keep looking for other stores to enlarge the distribution.

Thus the small German organization, handicapped children, and the Charter are working together and fighting against plastic bags. The project is to last one year, then, depending on the results, we will carry on with this activity, or decide to stop.


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