Published on 18 July 2008
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Youth voicing for Climate Change, G8 Summit - Japan

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Youth voicing their strong opinion for Climate Change and Sustainable Development at G8 Summit in Japan

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The G8 (Group of Eight) Summit is being held in Hokkaido, Japan in July 2008.
Japan Youth G8 (JYG8) invited more than 100 youth activists and organizations around the world to participate in an international youth forum between 27th June - 30t June 2008 where they discussed the world’s top priority issues such as environment, development, peace and health.

JYG8 recognizes that the G8 Summit is a very important opportunity for us to accomplish our mission because it is a global forum where the heads of states and ministers from eight richest and most powerful countries gather in one place, though we also acknowledge that there are pros and cons regarding the existence of the G8 Summit.

As Youth of the next G8 host country, Japanese youth activists and organizations gathered to create a forum for Youth around the world to share and discuss ideas on how to formulate practical solutions for a sustainable future.

Young people believe they have rights and responsibility to raise a voice against injustice and unfairness. They are willing to work along with G8 and the government in their respective countries to bring these declaration into action but its high time G8 take the lead.

Youth delegation of the Summit had a round table discussions with key officers of the Ministry of Environment, Japan and also personally met the Vice-Minister, Ministry of Environment, Japan to submit their declaration.

Press release: http://www.news.janjan.jp/special/0...
Other links: http://www.youthsummitjapan.com/

- Documents

Statement on Climate Change (PDF)


Statement on Sustainable Development (PDF)



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