Published on 17 March 2008
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Charter of Human Responsibilities as Foundation of Solidarity Economy

Associated Central Topics: Companies and responsibility . Economy and Responsibility .
Associated General Topics: Economy .

The Charter of Human Responsibilities (CHR) is advocated to be the ethical foundation of solidarity economy. Thus, one of the key workshop themes of the Asian Forum for Solidarity Economy held October 17-20, 2007 in Manila, Philippines centered on Governing Differently, which tackled the core concept of responsibility. The Governing Differently Workshop was chaired by former Quezon City Mayor Brigido Simon and co-chaired by Pinky Cupino, coordinator of the Charter Facilitation Team in the Philippines. Ben Quinones, Asian Forum coordinator states, “The CHR aims to provide a new framework, not only for personal conduct, but for the political, institutional and legal domains as well. The CHR is proposed as the basis of a new social contract, creating new rules for every social and professional group in its relationship with society.

To elaborate on the Charter, the Governing Differently Workshop held a whole-day program on October 18, 2007, the second day of the Asian Forum. The Plenary facilitator was Ms. Yoko Kitazawa of PARC in Japan. The keynote speaker was Gustavo Marin of the FPH who explained the framework on the relationship of the Charter of Human Responsibilities, solidarity economy and governance. Gustavo explained that economy is a branch of governance and that the Charter is a new global social contract that serves as a universal ethic based on the notion of responsibility that complements the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Charter of the United Nations, promoting both responsible governance and solidarity economy. Another key speaker was former Senator Joey Lina of the Alliance on Servant Leadership, who gave a testimonial on Servant Leadership.

There was a panel of five presenters of case studies during the plenary. These included Sudha Reddy of India who spoke of indigenous women’s initiatives in India, Betsan Martin of New Zealand who spoke on responsibilities connected with water resources in the Pacific, Anugraha John of the India-China Youth Forum who spoke of programs undertaken by Indian and Chinese young people, Aleli Bawagan of the University of the Philippines College of Social Work and Community Development who spoke on how the indigenous group – the Iraya Mangyans of Mindoro exercise responsibilities in their community and in their environment, and Ma. Josefa Francisco of the International Gender and Trade Network who spoke of women, trade and responsibilities.

The plenary was graced by students of the Center for Positive Futures who opened the program with the National Anthem in tableau and a doxology in dance as well as Pipo Lina who gave a rendition of songs. Pinky Cupino, coordinator of the Charter Facilitation Team in the Philippines gave the welcome remarks while Dr. Ruben Martinez of the Organization for Training, Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (OTRADEV) gave the plenary synthesis.

In the afternoon, the Charter held four Associated Sessions covering the following topics:

  1. Education for All
    Facilitated by Jun Nishikawa, Japan and Anugraha John of the India-China Youth Forum Speakers included Karina Mutya Cupino, May-I Fabros, Renelyn Tan of the World Youth Alliance, and Patrick Erestain.
  2. Peace and Rights
    Facilitated by Gustavo Marin of FPH and Flora Santos of SANLAKAS
    Speakers included Max de Mesa of Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates and Evelyn Balais-Serrano of International Coalition of Criminal Court-Asia
  3. Environmental Sustainability
    Facilitated by Wilma Rojas of the Center for Women Studies, UP and Ma. Corazon Gratuito of OTRADEV
    Speakers included Atty. Rodolfo Ferdinand Quicho and Dr. Rowena Boquiren of Conservation International
  4. Identity, Gender and Culture
    Facilitated by Dr. Ruben Martinez, OTRADEV and Luz Rodriguez, UNIFEM
    Speakers included Clemtine Novales of LIYAB and Dr. Rosalinda Ofreneo of the Department of Women Studies, CSWCD, UP

The following day, a Strategic Planning was held on the Charter of Human Responsibilities in Asia chaired by Sudha Reddy of India. A plan was made to formulate a Charter of Responsibilities on Solidarity Economy in Asia and to make.


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