Published on 6 March 2008
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Art travelling exhibition on environment continues travelling

by Yolanda ZIAKA
Associated Central Topics: Art and responsibility .
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Next stop : Paris – headquarters of the Charles-Léopold Mayer Foundation

Art exhibition on the theme:
"Environment: common good - common responsibility"

from Monday, 10 March till Friday, 14 March 2008

Charles-Léopold Mayer Foundation
38, rue Saint Sabin, 75011 Paris

(Métro : Bréguet-Sabin [ligne 5] ou Chemin Vert [ligne 8])

opening hours: 9h00 à 13h00 & 14h00 à 18h00

The European coordination Committee for the Charter of Human Responsibilities is organizing a series of group and travelling art exhibitions on the theme "Environment: common good - common responsibility".

Twenty-eight Brazilian, Greek, Italian, Swedish and U.S. artists are taking part in these exhibitions. There is also a series of paintings by children from Georgia, a special part of the exhibition.

The first three exhibitions have been organized in Greece, during 2007, with the backing of the Greek association Polis – International Network for Environmental Education.

The artworks are currently travelling to France, where they will be displayed in the headquarters of the Charles-Léopold Mayer Foundation in Paris, between March 10th and 14th, 2008.

Through this series of exhibitions, as well as through parallel events (publications, CD-ROMs, video screenings, debates, Web pages displaying the project), we are seeking to raise public awareness on our responsibility - individual and collective - with respect to environment, as well as to give a wider reach to our project on responsibility.

In the Web pages dedicated to the Charter activities in Europe, one can find pictures of the art works, the artists’ statements and their biographies in three languages (English, French and Greek), along with the artists’ photos.

After this series of exhibitions, in Greece and in France, is completed, the artworks will be sent to Brazil, where the Brazilian team of the Charter will organize a new series of exhibitions, during 2008.

“European Committee for the Charter of Human Responsibilities”

Coordinator: Yolanda Ziaka
Postal address: c/o Polis, B.P. 4, 84100-Ermoupolis, Greece
Tel.: +30-22810-87804 – Fax: +30-22810-87840
email: charte.europe cx5 otenet.gr
web: http://www.charter-human-responsibilities.net/europe


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