Published on 13 March 2008
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2007: Indian Legal Professionals and the CHR

It is both a challenging and eye-opening experience to penetrate into a legal profession and Judiciary space with the CHR [1].
The ethical practices of advocates and judiciaries have been in question in the present Indian context, where the poor and marginalized sections remain victims of injustice and corruption.

As a result of networking with the initiative of Mr. Ramjan Darga, one of the Indian CHR team members, four meetings were held with Indian Lawyers Association, Hyderabad Karnataka Chapter in Gulbarga with regard to CHR.

1. Two seminars on Fundamental Rights and Right to information at Gulbarga by Indian Lawyers Association, Hyderabad Karnataka Chapter:

Two seminars at Gulbarga were held on fundamental rights and Right to Information. On one occasion Justice A.J. Sadashiva of Karnataka High Court (Retd.) was the chief guest and on another occasion Justice Nag Mohandas (sitting judge) was the guest. Apart from the senior and knowledgeable Advocates of Bangalore, and other places, Professors, Deans and Principal of Law Colleges attended and shared their views on responsibilities of Lawyers and judges to consciously utilize people centered laws in terms of restoring justice. Nearly 500 Advocates have participated on both the occasions.

2. Proposed Regional Seminar:

Linking Indian Lawyers and Bar association of Sri Lanka:
A planning meeting was held for holding a joint seminar on Public Interest Litigation and Human Responsibilities in 2008. The concept paper has been prepared by Sri Lankan Human Rights Lawyer, Ms. Suhadini Wickremesinghe of Human Rights Institute, Sri Lanka.

[1] Charter of Human Rersponsibilities


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