Published on 14 December 2007
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Asian Environmental Film Festival Makes Waves

The Charter of Human Responsibilities (CHR) – Philippine Team and its Indian-based counterpart, CHR-India represented by Sudha Reddy, together with the World Youth Water Alliance represented by Anugraha John, launched a joint undertaking which focused on environmental awareness raising among students in selected schools in Metro Manila and the sub-urban areas. The week-long Film Festival commenced on October 9, 2007. It aimed to increase the students’ awareness on current environmental issues affecting the Asian countries and the world, in general.

The CHR-Philippine Team coordinated with the school administrators in the schools identified as partners for the Film Festival. It also partnered with organizations which staunchly advocate environmental education and promote collective actions against further deterioration of the world’s environment.

A total of 860 in-school children and youth in eight (8) schools were reached during the week-long film festival.

Two of the participating schools were public:
- 1) the San Pedro National Relocation High School ( San Pedro, Laguna),
- 2) the Flora Ilagan High School (Quezon City, Metro Manila).

The five private schools include the
- 1) Community of Learners [COL] (Quezon City),
- 2) Center for Positive Futures [CPF – Pateros ],
- 3) CPF – Montalban, Rizal,
- 4) CPF-Gitnang Bayan,
- 5) North York School (Quezon City),
- 6) St. Pascual Baylon High School (Antipolo City).

The film showing in each school took an average of one hour with provisions for the open forum. The CHR-India Team composed of Ms. Sudha Reddy and Mr. Anugraha John, ably facilitated the open forum after the films were shown in each school. Their presence enhanced the Asian spirit of the film festival as they have just arrived from India. The students seemed able to appreciate the environmental films as they enthusiastically asked questions and gave feedback on the films shown in their respective schools. Some students tried to express what they thought of the films even though a few of those who dared speak out had to exert effort to speak in straight English. The language barrier did not deter them in putting their message across since the members of the CHR-Philippine Team were around to translate Filipino to English. Thus, the Indian resource persons cum facilitators were able to engage the students in interesting discussions right after the films were shown.

The film festival was successfully carried out by the CHR Philippines and India in partnership with the following organizations: Greenpeace, Tambuyog Development Center and Eco-Waste Coaliton. They provided some of the video materials and gave additional inputs on the different environmental themes.

Some of the films shown were on Waste Management, Climate Change, Coastal Resource Management, Greenhouse Effect, and Effects of Golf Courses on Water.

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The launching of the Asian Environmental Film Festival provided the CHR Team with the opportunity to touch ground in more school campuses, thereby expanding the number of youth reached. Aside from strengthening the CHR-Philippines and CHR- India Team, new partnerships were forged, such as those with the International and local NGOs and the school administrators who unselfishly shared their facilities and personnel in support of the activity. The film festival also provided a glimpse of how the CHR Team can win the hearts and minds of the youth with regard to environmental concerns. Now, the CHR Team is faced with the challenge of nurturing the youth on how to become responsible citizens of a free and united world.

The Philippine Team is composed of Pinky Cupino, Aleli Bawagan, Merlyn Martinez, Ruben Martinez, Flora Santos, Cowa Gratuito and Marilou Cerilla.


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