Published on 28 October 2007
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A blogue to share, innovate, with a background of humanity and responsibility

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We are an Iranian team of artists active in different fields including painting, writing, photography, film making and theater. We are interested in all activities which could help renew and rebuild this world.

Our first step:

To have a better communication and to deploy the sense of “human responsibility charter”; conveying information, seeing and showing, exchanging thoughts and ideas and more considerable than all, regaining common roots in humanity, culture, nature and attempting to find ways to escape from the circle that the consumed departed human from his/her natural rights is in the center of that, we gathered to operate a spatial internet which goes deep to the center of this circle and does its best to get out of this barred circle.

Our endeavor is to make this web-log a place that with the inspiration of the Charter, can collect contraptions and innovations in order to have more cooperation and correlation.

Following the above mentioned ideas, two of the younger members of the group have started a few months trip by bicycle to the North-west of Iran in order to have a closer and more tangible assessment on how the human roots have been lost and rotten and the ways to regain these roots. To develop the purports of “Human Responsibility“, our young friends will try to have some street performances in which the kids will be involved; they are going to wend the idea from one city to another. The report regarding this trip along side with some other reports will rebound in our web-log.

Farmida and Parvane


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