Published on 11 October 2007
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Protest against Bakhtegan Lake pollution

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About one hundred people including enthusiasts, environment patrons, web-log writers and the representatives of bio-environmental organizations were gathered in Pardisan Park, in front of the Environment Conservation Institution, on Monday the 4th of Sharivar “26 August “. Carrying some signs, which announced their protests against the current environmental situation which caused by mortal economic activities and irrecoverably infecting the environment.

They had already declared the 30th of Mordad” 21 August” as common lament; since it was the day 2000 flamingo biers were found salted away from the waterless Bakhtegan Lake [1].

They had black strips round their arms, and signs containing their questions and concerns in hands; the protestors stood calm and silent in an array to ask why principal “ fifty “ of the constitution is being disregarded; that’s the principal saying:

“In the Islamic Republic safekeeping of the environment, in which today’s generation and the next generations should have a developing social life; is considered a public duty. Hence, economic activities and so on that cause environmental pollution or irrecoverable destruction is forbidden. “

One of the responsible environment safe-keepers claims the catastrophe is cause of not getting the water-right in the territory by the regional water organization besides the few dams which have been made overhand at the water sources of the lake.

It has been highly emphasized that the Summon and the gathering to be totally calm and that its concern should be the announcement of the solicitudes and the anxieties threatening the environment. There are the same kind of solicitudes and the anxieties regarding other similar cases which have occurred in past few months or will probably occur during the next months in Khajir, Sourkhe Hesar, Bakhtegan, Bemou, Lar, Kavir national park, Nai Bandan, …

After few hours, finally, the deputy chairman of the organization attended the protesters gathering and promised to follow the bio-environmental inquiries of the NGOs.

Though, these gatherings and protests besides those follow-ups may attract more attention to the other catastrophes, but in this case the main move was done by the villagers living around. Following their innate completely, these villagers naturally and responsibly rescued 7 thousands flamingos from that dire probable fate. During 5 days, they succeeded to collect and pull the birds one by one out of the salt and the remains mud and slit of the lake; transferring them all to “Tashtak” lake, they prevented a greater tragedy. This act comes from the scene of unity with the nature. It is not the regulation but their deep dependence on plants, animals and the natural elements around villagers that brought them the responsibility to protect and upkeep their environment.

For them, living in the nature brought “cognition“, not the “Knowledge“, the cognition to unite with the nature.

8/26/2007 (Monday 04/06/1386)

[1] Bakhtegan Lake is located 70 kilometers west of Neiriz County and 160 kilometers from Shiraz


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