Published on 11 August 2007
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Noêmia Nunes – Brazil

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Passage I
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Passage II

Seduction, appropriation and endurance

Upon natural or urban landscapes Ι find casual and free poetics. I photograph, I paint or document everything that landscapes offer me as artistic expressions.
The works "Passage I" and "Passage II" depict interventions made by anonymous artists that use the cliff side to print their ideas. This is a road where peasants walk every day to work and with their working tools they carve the cliff (consisted by clay) with curious and varied expressions.
The spot has endured daily interventions through dynamic actions that carry a sense of link between last the creator and the next. Such manifestations can be regarded as morbid, erotic, idyllic or caricaturized. They are anonymous people, which Ι call artists that unaware and continuously, build a patchwork of ideas, energies and complicity. The work presented is a "rescue" made through photography, a media that gives visibility and endurance of such artistic expressions.

Artist biography

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The Brazilian artist Noêmia Nunes has studied painting and drawing at the Fine Arts University of São Paulo. She is post-graduated in Museology, and has presented a thesis on “Art as cultural education”. She has taken part in various cultural and activism shows, on environmental and social issues, like various group exhibitions in Sao Paulo. She has presented her art work in an individual exhibition at the Brazilian Embassy in Paris – France, in 2001. She has participated in various group exhibitions at the College of Arts, the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture and other places in Sao Paulo, as well as at the United States District Court, in Maryland – USA. She participated in a project for the teaching of peripheral communities in Sao Paulo.

Contact with the artist:
noemianunes MRG uol.com.br


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