Published on 8 August 2007
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Marcelo Bicalho - Brazil

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About the painting

The work is about the common nature we share and how life and conscience are the really important goods.
Τhis work reflects my belief on the usefulness of the opening for some degree of "enlightened animism" (witch should surpass scientifical or religious "truths", as it’s not really a theory of reality but just an "appropriate mindset"- one wich keeps us aware of our responsibility).

Artist biography

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The Brazilian artist Marcelo Bicalho, born in 1962, is a designer and illustrator. He teaches Art and Design History in the Design School of Minas Gerais State University, in Brazil.
In the last 10 years he has been well known by his works in paper sculpture, creating pieces that combine figurative rendering with simulated perspective, visual illusionism and the complexity of folded paper patterns. His drawings and sculptures are in awarded Brazilian books like “Arab Tales for Young People of All the Places”, in his own chidren´s book “I´d Like to Have a Bear”, in many books published by NGOs on environmental and social matters, and in books like “Paper Sculpture - a Step-by-Step Guide” by Kathleen Ziegler (Hearst Books-NY). Since 2003 he has exhibited frequently his fine arts works.

Contact with the artist:
Web site: www.flickr.com/photos/marcelobic


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