Published on 8 August 2007
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Osório Garcia - Brazil

Associated Central Topics: Art and responsibility .
Associated General Topics: Art . Artists . Environment .


Description of the work

In my country, the main victims of social distortions are children. They fly invisible through the streets, in their world, time doesn’t matter at all, past doesn’t matter anymore and the future is inconceivable. Only the present matters now. They were left in struggle....
What they eat?
How they survive?
How come they don’t die now?
My work is a very tiny focus of light on those matters, aiming to give more visibility to the eyes of those who see but not notice them.

Artist biography

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Writer and illustrator of children literature, Brazilian from Minas Gerais, dyslexic and self-made man. I live astonished in a world that I don’t understand. My literature and drawing try to translate the chaos that surrounds me. With books published by many different publishers, I overcome my personal crisis and those imposed by the virtual world to me.

Some of my books:
War! Why?
The abominable Anacleto and the adorable Ana Clara
Little witch rag doll
Boy (image book)
Fisher’s Tale
Four Eyes
I´ve already illustrated several kilometres of papers for some Brazilian publishing houses.

Contact with the artist:
osoriogp QmC hotmail.com


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