Published on 7 August 2007
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Caterina Aslanidou - Greece

Associated Central Topics: Art and responsibility .
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Fragments of nature

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Description of work

We have been working on the Earth; we loved the Earth because we have lived from the Earth.
Now, between the Earth and us, we let – hypnotized, passive – other elements intervene. We keep growing away, although we are part of the Earth and are created by it.
As a representative of a generation for which the soil is only known in the form of cement or asphalt, I put my feet on the soil again and I send small fragments, reminders of a tameless truth that lives in parallel with me.
Whatever I do, the leaves and the flowers need the light, the soil needs the stone, the colors are there, the life has a source, it is out there, not in this room, and I can see it.

Artist biography

Caterina Aslanidou was born in 1978 in Athens, Greece. She has studied painting in the School of Arts of Athens. She followed the workshop of engraving in the Faculty of Arts in Sevilla, Spain. Since 2005, she works in the island of Chios, in Greece, as a professor of Art at the high school. She has participated in six collective exhibitions in Greece, in Chios, Athens, Samothrace and Lavrio. Her work was displayed in an individual exhibition in Chios, in 2006.


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